Kimbo Espresso Barista Ristretto Nespresso® Compatible Pods x 30

  • Value Pack of 30 Pods
  • Intensity 12/13
  • Intense Aroma
  • Compatible With Nespresso®
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Kimbo's espresso barista ristretto in Nespresso® compatible capsules is a beautifully roasted Italian coffee. Its strong, rich flavour is enhanced by intense aromas and notes of spice and toast. It's the perfect coffee to kick-start your day! Enjoy this value pack of 30 pods.
Intensity Strong Coffee
Appellation Blend
Variety Blend
Roast Type
Roasted in
Roasting Country  Italy


Discover Kimbo Espresso Barista Ristretto in Nespresso® Compatible Pods


Pack of 10 Espresso Barista Ristretto Capsules

Kimbo's Espresso Barista Ristretto in a Box of 30 Capsules

The Kimbo Espresso Barista Ristretto is a strong coffee, an authentic Neapolitan coffee. Its intensity is rated 12/13. It is a dark roasted blend distinguished by its powerful and intense flavor. Its quality is guaranteed by an Italian roasting method designed to preserve the freshness of each coffee bean. Its rich taste lingers in your mouth after every sip, bringing spicy and toasty notes to your palate.
Kimbo presents one of its most intense Nespresso®-compatible capsules in its range!

Kimbo's Espresso Barista Ristretto served in a cup

Enjoy Your Coffee in Capsules with Kimbo

The Kimbo Espresso Barista Ristretto in capsules is the perfect coffee to enjoy with fellow coffee enthusiasts or when you need a little pick-me-up.
The beauty of coffee in capsules lies in its ease of use: one capsule contains a world of flavors ready to unfold on your palate. You are assured of having the perfect dose of coffee in each cup, without the risk of over or under-dosing your drink. Finally, our selection of coffee cups will help you find the perfect vessel to enjoy your perfect coffee without the risk of burning yourself.



Discover Kimbo coffees on Made for lovers of traditional Neapolitan coffee and amateurs of an intense espresso with rich aromas. Coffee roasted in Italy. Kimbo offers ground coffee, capsules and coffee beans.

Kimbo Espresso Barista Ristretto Nespresso® Compatible Pods x 30
Capsule materials Aluminium
EAN : 8002200141738
Caffè Bonini Intenso capsules compatible with Nespresso® x50
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