MaxiCoffee has developed its own brands of coffee beans ... , coffee machines and accessories to best meet your needs when delving into the coffee world. Our Research & Development team studies and analyses different brewing methods on a daily basis to offer innovative products adapted to everyone, whether you are a beginner or an expert stepping into the world of coffee. Our coffee roasters select a wide variety of coffee beans and develop tailor-made recipes to reveal the terroir, origin and aromatic notes of each coffee.

MaxiCoffee has brought together all its expertise to offer its own vision of the coffee world within each of its brands.

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Our expertise dedicated to unique terroirs

At MaxiCoffee, we aim to limit the number of steps between the coffee grower and the coffee shop to guarantee a unique experience. That’s why we source ourselves our coffee beans through sustainable relationship with the coffee growers and roast each of these coffees with the greatest respect for their terroir and history.

In order to offer you a unique aromatic experience, some of our coffees are roasted as close as possible to their date of shipment. Thus, Cafés Lugat guarantees you optimal freshness with coffees roasted within a maximum of 30 days prior to your order.