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Our selection of Tea Bags

Tea bags are a popular choice for tea lovers all around the world.
They are convenient, affordable and easy to use, making them the go-to option for a quick and easy cup of tea. Tea bags are typically made from filter paper, which is filled with a blend of loose tea leaves. The leaves in the tea bag are usually of a lower quality than loose-leaf tea, but they still provide a pleasant cup of tea. Tea bags are widely available in a variety of flavours, allowing you to choose the perfect blend for your taste. Whether you prefer black, green, oolong or herbal tea, there is sure to be a tea bag that will suit your needs. Discover our tea selection on MaxiCoffee.

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Which tea bag to Buy on MaxiCoffee?

Tea brands often offer loose leaf tea and tea bags. The advantage of loose tea is that it can be brewed wherever you like, whether at home, outside or even at work. All you have to do is choose between the different teas: green tea for its detoxifying quality, white tea for its light taste and rooibos for its honeyed sweetness. Among our selection, you will find the most famous brands of teas. And for the undecided, we recommend the tea selection boxes.

Tea Bags on MaxiCoffee

The Brands of Tea Bag on MaxiCoffee

We have selected for you a wide variety of brands, you will find on MaxiCoffee the products of Dammann Frères, Kusmi Tea, Comptoir Français du Thé. We also have the brand George Cannon, known for its delicious and audacious blends. You will most often find boxes of 20 bags to 25 individual bags.

The Different Types of Tea in Individual Tea Bags

The choice of a tea is primarily based on your taste and also on your mood. Each type of tea has its own virtues that come from the picking and fermentation process. These steps will give subtlety, different notes and character to your drink. All tea recipes are available in individual tea bags.

The Best Black Teas in Bags

Black tea is known for its full-bodied notes and is ideal at breakfast and can be sweetened with a dash of milk. One of the best known black teas is Earl Grey which is a combination of fermented black tea and bergamot. However, this is not the only blend, black tea goes well with everything, whether it is fruit, flowers, gourmet flavours such as caramel, vanilla.

The Best White Teas in Bags

White tea is known for its sweetness and delicacy in the cup thanks to its low theine content. It is plucked at the beginning of the season and is made exclusively from the first leaves and buds of the tea plant. White tea is delicate, it is recommended to brew it in water at 75° for 3 to 4 minutes. White tea goes well with flowers and fruits such as exotic fruits. The English Tea Shop offers a blend of coconut and passion fruit, so you can enjoy a fruity break.

The Best Green Teas in Bags

Green tea is known for its many virtues, antioxidants, improves blood circulation. Green tea can be drunk hot or iced, with its often fruity and flowery blends, you will enjoy it at any time of the day. One of the best known recipes is the combination of green tea and jasmine. The tea leaves are dried and surrounded by flower buds, which perfume the leaves. LaGrange offers a recipe with 24 bags that you can take with you everywhere.

More About Tea Bags

How Long Can I Store Tea in a Tea Bag?

Contact with air and moisture damages the leaf. It is advisable to consume the tea within 24 months of purchase if it is in an airtight bag and 12 months without a fresh bag. Unlike other types of tea, pu-erh improves with time, but it must be kept in an airtight bag.

Does Tea Go Bad?

Over time, tea loses its flavour, but it does not go stale, it does not become unfit for consumption. The expiry date is indicated to warn you that the flavours of your tea will be less present.

How Long to Brew Your Tea Bag?

To brew a tea bag, simply follow the information provided by the manufacturer. When creating a recipe, they will test the different temperatures and infusion times possible to reveal the flavours of the drink. If the brewing time is not respected, the tea will be astringent in your cup.