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Green tea is particularly well known for its health benefits : it burns fat, helps regulate blood sugar levels and is an excellent antioxidant.
Green tea is also thought to help prevent various diseases such as cardiovascular disease, degenerative neurological diseases, eye diseases and greatly reduces stress. Green tea can be enjoyed hot or cold and is perfect in any season. Discover our wide range of plain and flavoured green teas on MaxiCoffee! Available in bags, loose leaf, tins, capsules and selection packs! Find our different types of tea such as black tea, white tea and redbush (such as rooibos)

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What are the Specificities of Green Tea?

According to Chinese legend, the history of tea began in 2737 B.C.E. when the Emperor Shen Nong, a skilled ruler and scientist, accidentally discovered tea while boiling water in his garden.
Today, it has become the most consumed plant in the world ( 3 million tons per year ) and its medicinal properties have attracted the interest of many scientists.
We can find many types of tea such as green tea, black tea and white tea which correspond to different drying methods and manufacturing processes.

What is Green Tea?

The tea plant comes from the forests of India and China. It is harvested by hand several times a year, spacing the plucking from 4 to 14 days apart, while the tea plant renews itself.
After harvesting, the tea leaves are steamed and dried. Heating cancels enzymes, preventing fermentation and maintaining the green colour of the leaves. After brewing, the green tea has a light, rather yellow colour.

What are the Benefits of Green Tea?

Very popular for its weight loss benefits , it is known to help lose weight. It is also very rich in antioxidants, providing a positive impact on skin cells as an anti-ageing agent.
Some studies also show that it may have benefits in preventing cancer and reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease. However, drinking too much green tea can also be risky, due to its fluoride and aluminium content.

It also contains:

  • purine bases including caffeine
  • proteins and amino acids including theanine
  • polysaccharides and carbohydrates
  • vitamins B and C
  • minerals, including fluorides

Which Green Tea to Choose on MaxiCoffee?

At MaxiCoffee we offer several types of green tea.

Loose Leaf Tea

We offer you a selection of loose leaf tea that will allow you to save money as well as being eco-friendly.    
And to make sure that you find what you're looking for, we have several brands to choose from: Dammann Frères, Compagnie Coloniale, Georges Cannon, Comptoir français du thé, Pukka and more! To respect the flavours of your tea, it is essential to have a tea infuser and a teapot !

Tea Bags

Easier and quicker than loose tea, you can take your little tea bag with you everywhere you go for a delicious and tasty break.   
Find all the teas from the most famous French companies such as Palais des Thés, Kusmi Tea, Dammann Frères, Compagnie Coloniale or Destination.   
This multitude of brands offering different flavours is sure to please you. And if you still can't make up your mind, we offer you discovery packs or our organic tea range !

Iced Tea

Although we are used to drinking it hot, tea can also be enjoyed cold. Discover this new way of brewing iced tea! It will bring you sweetness and comfort at any time of the day!   
Ideal in summer, these iced teas will seduce you with their combination of freshness and deliciousness!

Preparing Your Iced Green Tea:

  • Brew 8 to 10g of tea in 1L of water at room temperatur
  • Leave to infuse for 1 hour for a green tea
  • Remove the leaves
  • Place it in the fridge

Why buy Green Tea on MaxiCoffee?

At MaxiCoffee, in order to satisfy you as much as possible, we offer you a wide range of tea. In tins, in loose tea, in tea bags, and even in organic tea, we guarantee that you will find what you are looking for, and at the most affordable prices.       
During the periods of sales, black friday etc. find many teas in promotion!