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Green tea is so-called because of its colour, due to a lack of oxidation  after picking. Through this process, the tea conserves its natural green colour. Green tea is interesting because of its vegetal  notes and slight bitterness. It marries nicely with different flavours, allowing for infinite combinations. You'll therefore be able to sample fruity green tea, spicy green tea, floral green tea and other more unusual combinations.

Green tea is particularly known for its health benefits:  it burns fat, helps regulate blood sugar levels, is good for digestion, helps lower cholesterol and is an excellent antioxidant.  Green tea is also believed to help prevent various illnesses such as stress, cardiovascular diseases, degenerative neurological and ophthalmic diseases.

Green tea can be enjoyed hot or cold and is perfect in any season. Discover our large range of natural or flavoured green teas on MaxiCoffee ! Available in tea bags , loose leaf , boxes , capsules and selection packs !

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