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Here you will find all the products to descale your coffee maker or coffee machine .
We have selected for you a wide range of descaling products with brands like DeLonghi, Jura, Saeco, Philips, Siemens , etc. We also offer you alternatives with compatible universal descaling products . Find all your cleaning essentials : liquid descaler, in pods, biodegradable...

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Why should I descale my coffee machine?

Clear water naturally contains limescale, which is deposited on the internal mechanisms of your machine. The consequence? At first, you won't see any impact, but over time complications will arise: the temperature of the coffee becomes lukewarm, an unpleasant taste in your drink, breakdowns that accumulate, a decrease in extraction pressure...

This is why we advise you to anticipate, in order to avoid these inconveniences. This will prolong the life of your machine, while maintaining an impeccable quality of coffee.

Indeed, it would be a shame to invest in a high-performance coffee machine and a quality coffee, but let limescale alter the taste and damage your equipment.

We'll explain everything about good descaling practices. But you should know that other steps are also very important to maintain your coffee machine: such as using a filtration system or cleaning (tablets, capsules and cleaning tablets...).

How to descale your coffee machine?

The right descaling products for coffee makers and other coffee machines

Don't worry, descaling is a simple step, there is no excuse to avoid it. All you need to do is buy a suitable descaling product. There are liquid versions in bottles and also tablets. You will find descalers of the same brand as your machine, and also universal descalers.

To know how much product to use, you will find the information in the manual of your machine. It depends on the machine.

To descale your machine, some machines will guide you step by step and all you have to do is follow the instructions thanks to their automatic descaling programme. All you have to do is press the corresponding button!

For those that do not have this option, please refer to the instructions for use. Most of the time, it is sufficient to empty the containers (especially the water tank), then add a descaling solution with water. Finally, start a descaling cycle and then a rinsing cycle.

Beware of preconceived ideas about descaling your coffee machine with white vinegar!

You may have heard of a natural solution for descaling: white vinegar. Unfortunately, I would like to warn you against this false idea. White vinegar contains acetic acid which is corrosive to the internal mechanism of your machine.

It will therefore have the opposite effect of the initial intention and will damage your machine prematurely. If you are concerned about your impact on the environment, turn to a biodegradable descaler. There are many different types available.