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Why buy coffee beans?

It's decided you want to change the way you drink your coffee and you want to discover our coffee beans. It's a great idea, because you'll benefit from:

1. Aromas: coffee beans retain more of the freshness and tasting notes. So a freshly ground coffee with your coffee grinder will give you a cup that is richer in aroma.
2. Almost unlimited choice: more brands and types of coffee are available.
3. Tracking and tracing of the coffee consumed: you can also choose exceptional coffees and find all the aromas in your cup.
4. In economy: because coffee beans are much cheaper to buy than the price of capsules.
5. Ecology: coffee grounds can be recycled, so you generate less waste (unlike capsules), a real boost for the environmental footprint!

In short, what are you waiting for? Go for it!

Which coffee beans to choose?

How to choose your coffee beans?

By coffee beans roast colour

A light roast (the beans are light brown) is generally more suitable for filter extractions, also known as slow coffee or gentle methods. The coffee will offer more acidulous, fruit and citrus notes.

A medium to dark roast is more suitable for espresso machines or traditional manual coffee machines. Too light a roast in espresso may be too acidic.

For fans of Italian espresso, always prefer a darker roast which will reveal more gourmet notes of cocoa or toast.

Roast freshness

Always choose a coffee that announces its roasting date . We know this only too well, but once cooked, coffee beans only retain all their organoleptic qualities (taste and smell) for 30 days in a closed bag.

Traceability of coffee beans

A bean cultivated without care, on plots without character will not offer a good coffee: at best, you will have a flat coffee, therefore without much interest. To obtain beautiful, gourmet aromas, always opt for coffee beans with real identities .

What type of coffee bean to buy?

Blended coffee beans or pure origin coffee beans?

As its name clearly indicates, a Pure Origin coffee is made up of beans from a single origin, from a single geographical area . It is thus opposed to the " blend ", a mixture of several terroirs which has the advantage of harmonising the taste of the coffee. Blend or pure origin, there is something for every taste at the best prices, so treat yourself to quality coffees even at low prices!

Moreover, as with wine, the terroir (nature of the soil, climate, exposure, botanical species), harvesting and processing (drying, etc.) play an essential role. A coffee from a terroir will offer a unique, typical character. It can surprise the uninitiated by its very marked and different taste from the "taste of coffee" that we are used to drinking.

So are you more of a blend or pure origin?

Arabica coffee beans and Robusta coffee beans

Expresso, cappuccino, long coffee... Not all coffees are suitable for all drinks.

Arabica coffee is known to offer better flavours . Light or medium roasted 100% Arabica is more suitable for long, low-pressure coffees, but it is far too acidic for the ristretto.

As for Robusta , its main quality is to favour the crema on your espresso and the strength of the body of your coffee. For a strong, intense espresso, choose Italian blends with advanced roasts.

Stronger, more intense coffees usually contain Robusta, with a higher roast, while milder, more aromatic coffees are usually 100% Arabica, with medium roasts, also known as "monk's robes".

For milk-based drinks, don't hesitate to use Arabica/robusta blends . The milk harmonizes perfectly with the bitterness of the Robusta.

How to store coffee beans?

Coffee beans are extremely porous and will absorb any odours around them. For this reason, avoid storing your coffee beans near highly odorous foods such as onions or garlic. Avoid these odours even if you keep your container closed, they can still seep in and affect the aroma and flavour of the coffee.

In addition, most coffee packages are lined with aluminium on the inside and have a valve to vent the fermentation gas from the coffee. However, for optimal storage, we recommend that you use an airtight can .

What is the world's best coffee beans?

First of all, many of you ask me to recommend "the best coffee" in the world. I'm going to disappoint some of you, but it's mission impossible! The notion of "good" coffee is completely subjective, personal and sometimes even cultural. A good coffee is above all a coffee that suits you.

The best coffee you have ever drunk is most likely linked to a particular context, an atmosphere, a person, a childhood memory. We do not all have the same expectations of coffee, and that is good! There are many coffee aromas (more than wine!). And we will not all be sensitive to the same flavours.

You can discover the Blue Mountain. It has a reputation for being one of the best coffees in the world. We have selected the best Blue Mountain coffees for you.
Jamaica Blue Mountain is a coffee made from coffee trees grown in the Blue Mountains in Jamaica. The best batches are distinguished by their mild, low-bitter flavour. Blue Mountain beans are of the highest quality. But there are many others!

At last you will be able to enjoy a coffee that suits your tastes and your current caffeine cravings. At MaxiCoffee you will find a very wide selection of coffee.