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Our selection of Senseo coffee pods

Discover a wide choice of references, flavours and brands of Senseo coffee pods and compatible pods in the MaxiCoffee's selection.
Senseo pods or compatible Senseo coffee pods, at MaxiCoffee we offer you a wide choice of brands, packaging and uses (professional or domestic) without compromising on quality and price. Enjoy an intense experience with pods that guarantee Senseo coffee with an irresistible taste. Find out all our capsules and pods on MaxiCoffee.

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Our selection of compatible Senseo coffee pods

In this section dedicated to pods for Senseo coffee machines, you will find all the pods of the Senseo brand. The soft Senseo pods (also known as PADs) guarantee you a coffee with an irresistible taste, especially with the 100% Arabica espressos.

Vary the pleasures with the different espresso, cappuccino and flavoured ranges... Senseo is committed and also offers organic products and compostable pods which are part of an eco-responsible approach. Senseo machines can also be used with compatible soft pods.

The specific features of Senseo coffee pods

Everything is designed to create an exceptional coffee at Senseo: the proportion of coffee per pod, the roasting colour and the fineness of the grind are specially chosen to create an aromatic coffee.

The majority of the pods are mainly made of paper and a small amount of plastic, which is necessary to ensure the product is watertight. To bleach the pods, only oxygen is used. Below are the reasons why Senseo is right for you!

Senseo coffee pods at a low price

Senseo also allows its customers to enjoy its products regardless of their budget! For only a few euros (between 3 and 5€), you can get boxes of pods. This allows you to try different products without monetary restrictions. In addition, by ordering from MaxiCoffee, you can choose to receive certain products by subscription and benefit from a 5% discount on each product! There's nothing stopping you from taking your taste buds on a journey with Senseo.

Compatible Senseo coffee pods

If the wide range of coffee capsules available from Senseo is not enough for you or if you want to discover new tastes, you should know that you can find Senseo compatible pods from around twenty other brands. This will also allow you to discover the expertise and trademark of each of them. Senseo machines can accommodate a wide variety of compatible capsules. There is no reason not to choose Senseo!

The different Senseo coffees and other drinks

Senseo coffee pods

Senseo coffee pods are available in several ranges: black coffees, lattes, decaffeinated coffees, with various intensities and origins. You will find pods made from Arabica and Robusta beans, originating from Brazil, Kenya or even Colombia. For coffee lovers, Senseo's classic coffees allow you to discover simple products in their pure state.

To satisfy all your preferences, you also have a wide choice of coffees with their own subtlety: intense, full-bodied, light, mild, short, long... So many references that leave you spoilt for choice. For latte lovers, enjoy a cappuccino with a nice layer of foam. There is also a range of decaffeinated coffees with several intensities. And if you like a little bit of sweetness, try the Senseo caramel coffee. You're sure to find the perfect formula for you.

Senseo chocolate pods

For those with a sweet tooth, Senseo has developed tasty chocolate pods: smooth hot chocolate and chocolate cappuccino. These formulas with or without coffee offer you a dose of comfort and indulgence at any time of the day.

Take advantage of the sale of Senseo chocolate pods in packs on to satisfy your chocolate cravings without limits.

Senseo Tea Pods

Since nothing is impossible with Senseo machines, it is possible to consume tea through your machine.

Some brands offer flexible tea pods that are compatible with Senseo machines. There is no reason why coffee drinkers should be able to get their favourite beverage in a matter of moments and tea drinkers should not have this privilege! Get tea in seconds without losing its flavour.

How do I know which Senseo coffee pod to choose?

If you go for the famous Dutch brand Senseo Original, you will be sure to choose a safe bet and a lot of choice. You can choose packs with capacities adapted to your consumption or the size of your household.

Versions from 8 to 54 pods are available, so you are bound to find the most suitable solution. Don't forget to store your pods in an airtight box to preserve all the aromas and flavours.

Whether you prefer the sweetness of a coffee without bitterness or whether you prefer a full-bodied and intense coffee, everything is possible! All you have to do is select the right intensity and composition of arabica/ robusta or 100% arabica. The result in a cup depends mainly on the choice of your pod, and you are free to vary the flavours to discover your favourite.