Café-Tasse Red Hat Box 100 Assorted Mini Chocolate Bars

Brand :    Café-Tasse
  • 100 mini chocolate bars
  • 14 Flavours
  • Belgium Chocolate
  • Perfect Chocolate Gift
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Enjoy this beautiful red hat gift box containing 100 assorted mini chocolate bars with 14 different flavours! Enjoy these different chocolate flavours that will fulfill any chocolate lover! 900g.

sugar, cocoa mass, whole
milk powder, cocoa butter, hazelnut powder, defatted cocoa powder, emulsifier (soya lecithin), coffee, natural flavor (Earl Grey tea, vanilla, orange, hazelnut, caramel, mint, coconut), Matcha Tsuki tea, coconut milk powder, glucose syrup, almonds, Earl Grey tea powder, sea salt, honey, starch, egg white.


The Best of Belgian Chocolate:

Over the years, Café-Tasse has grown and evolved, always on the lookout for precious ingredients that will make every bite of our chocolate an unforgettable taste experience.  Café-Tasse is present in more than 40 countries and has become a true ambassador for Belgian chocolate all over the world.


About Café-Tasse:

Chocolate is for Café-Tasse an inexhaustible source of inspiration. Since 1989, Café-Tasse's chocolate craftsmen have been working on a recipe unique to the brand. A chocolate recipe elaborated with the best cocoa beans from various origins: Africa, South America ... pure cocoa butter, a dark chocolate minimum 60% cocoa that melts deliciously in the mouth.

Café-Tasse work with master chocolatiers who have been living the passion of their trade for years and who pass on their know-how to the youngest generation. Discover all their chocolate collection with their Neapolitans, chocolate bars, hot chocolate and a lot more, to experience new chocolate flavours!




For more than 20 years, Belgian chocolate maker Café-Tasse has been delighting taste buds everywhere with subtly flavoured and beautifully packaged chocolate.

Savouring the taste of Café-Tasse chocolate is not just about paying homage to the great master chocolate makers but also about immersing oneself in the history of chocolate.

Café-Tasse Red Hat Box 100 Assorted Mini Chocolate Bars
Type of chocolate Assortment
Type of product Box
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EAN : 5400219861105
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