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Discover a delightful decaffeinated coffee experience with MaxiCoffee's curated selection of Tassimo decaf pods .
Carefully chosen for their rich flavours and aromatic profiles, our selection of decaf pods deliver a satisfying brew without compromising on taste. Crafted with precision, these pods ensure a consistent and smooth cup every time. From the comforting warmth of a decaf latte to the bold notes of a decaf espresso, our Tassimo decaf range caters to diverse preferences. Elevate your coffee ritual with the perfect blend of convenience and quality, making every sip a moment to savour. MaxiCoffee brings you the essence of decaffeinated indulgence in every Tassimo pod .

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Tassimo pods L'Or Espresso Decaffeinated x 80 T-Discs
  • L’Or Espresso Decaffeinated coffee
  • Ideal for any time of day
  • 5 packs of 16 Tassimo pods


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  • In stock, dispatched within 48h
Tassimo pods L'Or Espresso Decaffeinated x 16 T-Discs
  • Decaffeinated coffee
  • Pack of 16 Tassimo pods
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  • In stock, dispatched within 48h

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How is caffeine removed from decaf coffee pods?

The most common method used to remove caffeine from coffee beans for decaf pods is the solvent-based method.

In this process, the green coffee beans are steamed to open their pores, then soaked in a solvent such as ethyl acetate or methylene chloride. The solvent binds to the caffeine molecules, extracting them from the beans.

The beans are then rinsed to remove any remaining solvent, and the caffeine-free beans are dried and roasted. This method is highly effective at removing caffeine while preserving the flavour compounds in the coffee beans.

Are Tassimo decaf pods compatible with all Tassimo machines?

Yes, Tassimo decaf pods are designed to be compatible with all Tassimo machines.

Whether you have a Tassimo My Way, Vivy, or any other model, you can enjoy the convenience of brewing decaf coffee with Tassimo pods.

Simply insert the pod into the machine, press the button, and in just a few moments, you'll have a delicious cup of decaf coffee ready to enjoy.

What brands offer decaf options for Tassimo machines?

Several brands offer decaf options for Tassimo machines, including popular names like L'OR.

With a wide range of flavours and roast levels to choose from, you can find the perfect decaf pods to suit your taste preferences.

Whether you prefer a smooth and mellow decaf blend or a rich and robust dark roast, there's a decaf option available from trusted brands like L'OR to satisfy your cravings.

Are there any health benefits to drinking decaf coffee?

Decaf coffee offers many of the same health benefits as regular coffee, minus the caffeine. It contains antioxidants and beneficial nutrients that can help protect against chronic diseases like heart disease, diabetes, and certain types of cancer.

Additionally, for those who are sensitive to caffeine or trying to reduce their intake, decaf coffee provides a way to enjoy the flavour and aroma of coffee without the stimulating effects of caffeine.

Plus, since it's low in calories and can be enjoyed without added sugar or cream, decaf coffee can be a healthy choice as part of a balanced diet.