Brita Purity C Filter Head with 30% Bypass using John Guest 8mm

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A filter head for all Brita Purity C professional filters to connect the mains water supply to your vending machine. Uses JG8 connections

This filter head uses IntelliBypass technology

The unique IntelliBypass technology stabilises the bypass regardless of the flow rate, ensuring constant water quality, especially for low consumption. The variable bypass setting (up to 70%) makes the filtration system effective even for water with low carbonate hardness.


Filtered water will give you:

    For your coffee:
  • the best flavour extraction
  • longer-lasting froth
  • a consistent infusion temperature (furring leads to heat insulation)
    For your machine:
  • Reduces furring
  • reduces unexpected breakdowns
  • reduces machine downtime
  • reduces call-out, labour and spare parts costs



Brita Pro water filter diagram

  1. Prefiltration
    Removes large particles
  2. Reduces carbonate hardness
    An ion-exchange resin lowers the carbonate hardness content and prevents limescale deposits.
  3. Activated carbon filtration
    Removes most substances that have an adverse effect on aroma and taste.
  4. Fine filtration
    Traps particles up to 10 µm diameter.


BRITA has been committed to the field of water filtration for fifty years and is concerned about the future of our main source of life on earth: water.

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