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The use of a water filter cartridge to maintain the durability of your coffee machine is a necessary action to enable you to maintain the quality of your coffee. We have selected several brands of filters (Delonghi, Jura, Philips, Melitta) to enable you to successfully pass this compulsory stage and filter the water properly and avoid limescale residues as much as possible. You can find our entire range of cleaning products on MaxiCoffee.

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Why use a water filter?

It is more convenient to use tap water to fill your water tank than to buy packs of spring water. It also seems to be more cost effective due to the various rinses that automatic machines do.

When using tap water, it is advisable to use a water filter. This is because the water may contain substances that can damage your machine and alter the taste of your water.

Which water filter should I choose?

Delonghi water filter

The Delonghi water filter is easy to recognise and is white with a blue cap. It works with all Delonghi coffee machines that accept a cartridge. There is a fully compatible version of the Filter Logic FL950 cartridge.

As with all filters, it is installed in the water tank and needs to be submerged before installation to remove the air so that it no longer floats and remains clipped to the bottom of the water tank.

There is also filtration with Delonghi Spheres, a bag that replaces the use of the water filter and slides into the water tank.

Krups water filter

The Krups water filter is suitable for the Krups range, it helps to filter the water to remove impurities and protect your machine. The Krups cartridge filters out 85% of the chlorine that changes the taste of your water and therefore the taste of your coffee.

It also protects your body by filtering out heavy metals. Like all water filters, they must be changed every two months. The cartridge is equipped with a time indicator on the top.

Philips water filter

There are two types of Philips water filters depending on the model of your machine. The Brinta intenza + model is used on the older Philips Saeco machine ranges. This water filter has the possibility to adjust the filtration according to the hardness of your water.

To do this, simply turn the knob on the top from A if the hardness is low to C if your water is hard. There is a version compatible with the Filter Logic FL902 model. For the new generation of machines, there is the AquaClean filter.

The new technology allows you to change the water filter only every 3 months and to descale every 5000 drinks. The AquaClean filter is equipped with a micro-porous filter that retains impurities and an ion exchange technology.

Melitta water filter

The Melitta Caffeo Claris pro water filter is compatible with the entire Melitta range. If you want to enjoy a good coffee, it must be extracted with pure water that will not alter its aromas.

Using a water filter in a Melitta machine is simple, just immerse it in water to remove the air and install it in the bottom of the water back. There is the official filter as well as a compatible filter of the brand Filter Logic FL 701 B that you can also use in your water tank.

The water filter is an essential tool for the maintenance of your machine. Its use will not prevent descaling, however, some will keep it away with their technology. It helps to protect against limescale and contributes to the revelation of aroma. Your machine will make better drinks if you use a water filter.

How do I change a limescale water filter?

The steps will vary depending on the type of water filter and the type of machine. On average, a water filter should be changed every three months.

Of course, this depends on the amount of coffee consumed, but it is an average for a daily use of about 3 or 4 coffees. Also, depending on the machine, it will tell you directly when to change it.

Finally, if you would like to know how to do this, don't hesitate to read our articles and tutorials.