Do you want to maintain your Melitta, Krups or Nivona bean-to-cup coffee machine in a sustainable and efficient way? This filter cartridge from Arfize is your solution! Easy to use and very effective, it will fight against limescale and chlorine in your machine. Say goodbye to the residues that spoil the taste of your coffee.

ARFIZE Water Filter Compatible with Claris Krups / Melitta / Nivona

cartouche filtrante arfize claris

Maintain Your Coffee Machine with Arfize

Maintaining your coffee machine is essential to keep a quality drink and equipment that lasts over time.  Our experts advise you not to skip out on maintenance! Thanks to Arfize, maintaining your machine has become very easy!

Powerful and simple to install and operate, this Arfize cartridge is 100% compatible with Melitta, Krups and Nivona bean-to-cup coffee machines as a replacement for the Claris/ProAqua filter.

Made of coconut activated carbon and food-grade resin, its filtering agents combat limescale and chlorine. The result is a quality flavoured drink and a machine with a longer service life.

This cartridge is developed in such a way that its components are dosed in a balanced way: 1 dose of activated coconut carbon for 1 dose of resin, where other brands overdose the resin, which will create an imbalance in the filtration.

Did you know? Without the use of a cartridge, limescale will build up within the mechanism of your machine and damage the pipes.

This cartridge allows you to filter up to 150L of water, or about 400 drinks.
Arfize - ACF-11C - Water Filter Compatible with Claris filters for Krups / Melitta / Nivona
Type of cleaning product Filtration, Descaler
Cleaning for Bean-to-Cup coffee machine
Type of product Compatible
EAN : 3700809385717