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Our Selection of Coffee Beans

Our MaxiCoffee experts select the biggest brands of coffee beans to taste the best coffee .
Find brands like Illy, Lavazza, Pellini, Mokador Castellari, Cosmai Caffé, Café Royal, Delta Cafés and many others that have been selected by us. We also offer you coffees roasted by the best artisan roasters including Cafés Lugat: Coffees roasted by hand with us. Freshness and quality are at the rendezvous! And a whole selection of coffees in all its forms .

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What is coffee beans?

A study shows that 7 out of 10 French people consume coffee daily . However, how many people are ignorant on the subject? If there are bad practices, there will be bad cup results.

As a reminder and in a nutshell, the coffee tree, from the Rubiaceae family, is the fruit tree with which everything begins. Varieties like Coffea arabica or Coffea Canephora better known as " Robusta ", are from it and remain the most famous among coffee lovers.

Once ripe, the coffee cherry or red berry is picked either by hand (picking) or mechanically (stripping), before being pulped. The bean is then taken out of its fleshy shell and then roasted using several methods.

If you want further enhance your coffee culture , we feed, with the help of our team of experts, a blog consisting of guides, tests and various topics related to current events.

What is the best coffee bean?

Choose your coffee beans is something subjective, because coffee is above all a matter of taste! Our role will therefore consist in directing you towards this or that coffee so that it sticks as closely as possible to your needs and expectations. Our advices : Start from safe values such as blue mountain or bourbon coffee beans pointed, and thus ensure no "coffee" faux pas! In fact, this is exceptional coffee beans and of premium coffee beans who are rarely deceptive. It is also preferable to focus on artisan roasters and their products roasted in France ( Lugat coffees, Green Lion Coffee to name a few).

Which coffee beans to choose?

Are arabica coffee beans similar to robusta coffee beans?

Nope, ! Visually, arabica coffee bean differs by its elongated shape and its comma-shaped groove . Taste-wise, a 100% arabica coffee bean is sweet, complex and tangy at the same time in mouth. It also has the advantage of offering a diversified aromatic palette that can oscillate between gourmet, fruity and even floral notes . In a cup, the arabica stands out for its complexity, which it has acquired thanks to its cultivation at altitude, sometimes up to 2400 m . Her higher caffeine content than robusta should also be taken into consideration. Consume in espresso, in long coffee for light to medium roast coffees.

To the eye, the robusta coffee is recognizable by its round shape and its straight furrow. His strength (even more marked if you go for a strong roast), his bitterness and its woody notes are its main strengths. Harvest at 900 m altitude , it also has the particularity of being less caffeinated than arabica . For aficionados of cream or milk drinks , it will be appropriate, because the mixtures are its specialty.

Pure origin or blend for my coffee beans?

Pure origin or blend, does your heart waver? By choosing a "pure origin", the traceability of our coffee beans is guaranteed , because it will come from a single place, sometimes even from a single geographical region. Conversely, the "blend" is the association of several origins , but it is worth having a more harmonious rendering in the cup . Visit our page all our coffee beans , you will then find our coffees in blend and pure origin beans.

The benefits of coffee beans

Beyond the financial aspect , favoring the bean to the detriment of other forms of coffee (ground coffee, compatible capsules, etc.), it is the assurance of benefiting from:

- + aromas : A coffee freshly roasted with your coffee grinder and well preserved , it's a coffee that mixes flavors and awakening the taste buds !

- + choices : a wide selection brands, varieties and types of coffee, prices .

- + traceability : From bean to cup, you are informed about each stage of its transformation and this generally gives rise to an exceptional coffee bean.

- more time : We forget the round trips to drop off our capsules at a collection point and its ecological impact is limited. The time will be more dedicated to make an exfoliant with coffee grounds recommended by Anne-Sophie!

How do I prepare my coffee beans?

Enjoy his drink with freshly roasted coffee beans

Once the selection stage has passed, it will be necessary keep the coffee fresh which is the sine qua non for you to succeed. We advise you to go on a coffee with a clearly mentioned roasting date , coffee will do you good! From there you will have 30 days to taste it no nasty surprises.

A good tasting requires conservation

If you don't already know, a coffee bean loses its organoleptic properties once roasted . So, if you haven't adopted the right reflex yet, keep it in an airtight container with or without air vacuum, the result in cup will be much better. And don't even think about storing it in the fridge , all odors would then be absorbed by the porous side of the coffee. The ideal is that it does not take the air, and that there is mention of a roasting date on the packaging.

A grind adapted to the extraction method

To make a success of your coffee, it is important to pay attention to the grind we use . With an Italian coffee maker, an espresso machine or even a v60, the size of the grind will not be the same. We are also talking about over-extraction or under-extraction as soon as it is unsuitable .

Equipment suitable for coffee beans and your coffee machine

Many consumers have high expectations with a coffee bean, but who, once the tasting has started, are disappointed. The problem often comes from the equipment which is not adapted ;). Manual or electric, notched or micrometric, flat or conical wheels, call on MaxiCoffee to advise you!

Where to buy cheap coffee beans?

At the house of MaxiCoffee sure, the first online coffee specialist , And this, for the fifth consecutive year according to Capital 2022 magazine . We give you access to coffee in all forms: Green coffee, organic coffee beans, Italian coffee beans, exceptional coffee beans and much more. The fairest price and choice are guaranteed for both domestic and professional needs. Iconic brands of the coffee world are available all year round including Cafés Lugat, Terres de Café, Perléo Espresso!