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Fancy a treat? discover all of our products from the chocolate range in different formats and at the best price in order to satisfy all your desires.
Our experts have selected the best chocolate brands and exceptional products to taste or to offer. Powdered chocolate, chocolate bars or even chocolate boxes, you are sure to find your happiness . And for even more indulgence, find our entire chocolate offer on MaxiCoffee.

Categories of Chocolate

Different types of Chocolate

Dolfin Gift Set with 27 Chocolate Squares with 9 Flavours
  • Milk and dark chocolate
  • 9 different flavours
  • Capacity : 270g
  • Belgian chocolate

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Van Houten Ground Milk Chocolate - 750g
  • Ground Chocolate
  • 100% Milk Chocolate
  • 750g Chocolate Flakes
+ -
Grand Cru Pack - Coffee beans : Nicaragua - Don Olman Marsellesa - 200g - Cafés Lugat and Amadito dark chocolate
  • Grand Cru Specialty Coffee & Dark Chocolate 78% Pack
  • 100% Arabica - Marsellesa (Nicaragua)
  • 200g of beans Roasted in France
  • Chocolate: 35g of French chocolate
+ -
Dolfin Chocolate Assortment Box 6 Flavours - 250g
  • Neapolitan Assortment 6 Flavours
  • Great Gift Idea!
  • Made in Belgium
  • 250g Belgian Chocolate
+ -
Valrhona Christmas Treats Douceurs de Noël 2023 - 140g
  • Christmas Chocolate Treats
  • Milk, White and Dark Chocolate
  • 140g Gift Box
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What chocolate can you find on MaxiCoffee?

At MaxiCoffee we always want satisfy young and old . This is why we offer a wide range of chocolate. Black, white or milk, you are sure to satisfy the whole family.

Chocolate powder

Ideal for preparing a delicious hot chocolate in the middle of winter night or even for your breakfast to dip a good milk bread in it?; our chocolate powders are available in different formats ranging from 250g to 1kg so you never run out.

You can find many brands such as monbana , which has a wide selection of french chocolate in powder flavored with hazelnut, speculoos, orange, rock, coconut, and many more all as tasty as each other.

If you are rather less sweet, Destination or Terra Etica for their part, offer Pure Cacao Lean organic chocolate with much less sugar or not at all! A craftsmanship that will satisfy your taste buds thanks to the high quality cocoa beans.

Chocolate bar

To never miss the snack time, opt for the chocolate bars. Easy to transport, they will be perfect as a snack for children (to share with the parents of course)!

It is the long-awaited delicacy of the day that will bring a moment of comfort and unparalleled indulgence during your gourmet break.

Neapolitan Chocolate

The essential best friend of coffee, Neapolitan chocolate is the little sweetness that we could not do without when savoring our drink. We have unearthed many assortments for you, each as enticing as the other. Milk chocolate, dark chocolate, vanilla flavor, praline or even white chocolate, there is something for everyone so you can impress your guests.

Chocolate Gifts

Because nothing is more pleasing than receiving chocolate as a gift, at MaxiCoffee we offer several boxes, boxes of chocolates or even assortments of chocolates in order to be able to offer. Our products are designed and developed to be the tastiest possible.

Chocolate contains certain amino acids that influence the level of serotonin. Serotonin contributes to our level of happiness. Offer happiness!

Why buy chocolate online on MaxiCoffee?

MaxiCoffee quality at the heart of our business

At MaxiCoffee, we are passionate, and not just in coffee. This is why we want you to experience a unique advantage: excel in gluttony.

Our objective : guide you to choose the best chocolate, whether or not accompanied by a coffee, it is by far our favorite delicacy and allows you to accompany your coffee with elegance and flavors.

Our team shares all the good practices and advice on many articles, blogs and videos?! Also take advantage of our promotions during major events, such as Sales, Black Friday, etc.