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Selection of Chocolates on Clearance

Discover the best selections from our chocolates at reduced prices on!

Want to treat yourself while exploring new brands of chocolates at affordable prices ? Thanks to this selection of clearance chocolates , uncover the best chocolates at discounted prices ! Please note, some of these chocolates must be consumed quickly – a boon for the indulgent!


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Why is chocolate clearance a good deal?

Understanding the concept of chocolate clearance 

You may already be familiar with clearance for having seen it practiced in many stores. It involves highlighting products - here, delicious chocolates from top brands - at reduced prices . The aim of our clearance is to allow you to try out the various chocolates we offer online at a low price.

Unlike sales, which only last a few days a year,  clearance is on all the time ! So, you can bookmark this page, and you're sure to always find it filled with many references.

These are products with a close best-before date, usually 1 or 2 months away - which still gives you plenty of time to enjoy them!

The advantage of clearance for chocolate lovers

The whole advantage of clearance lies in its concept: it's available every day, all year round! On this page, you'll find countless references, varieties, and brands at unbeatable prices.

The interest is twofold. On one hand, you can treat yourself without breaking the bank - what could be better than indulging in chocolate at a low price ? On the other hand, you can discover brands you may not have thought of before! It's the perfect opportunity to taste MaisonTaillefer's speculoos neapolitans or Café-Tasse's cocoa-rich chocolate bars.

And if you want to introduce your favorite chocolate brands to your loved ones, indulge in a discovery box, perfect for gifting!

Discover regularly available chocolates

Many varieties of chocolates on clearance 

The range of chocolates we offer on is very diverse. Consequently, the range of chocolates on clearance is as well. You'll find all your favorite references at reduced prices: milk chocolate, dark chocolate, filled neapolitans, tasting boxes, chocolate bars or mini chocolate bars…

Renowned brands are present in this selection. It's the opportunity to discover the inspiring Belgian brand Café-Tasse and its filled tablets with multiple flavors. If you prefer French master chocolatiers, turn to brands like Valrhona or Monbana, two brands born in France that continue to explore the world to offer recipes with the most delicious and original ingredients. Enjoy these chocolates as they are, or take advantage of this selection to create wonderful chocolate recipes!

Vary the pleasures by multiplying chocolate-based recipes!

Have you indulged in a selection of chocolates on clearance? All that's left is to vary the pleasures! Here are some ideas to treat yourself.

With a 30g mini chocolate bar, prepare a creamy chocolate mousse for 1 person. Melt the chocolate with butter in a small bowl, add the yolk of 1 egg, and a pinch of salt. Beat the egg white until stiff (it should be very firm) and fold it into the mixture. Pour it into a small ramekin and refrigerate for at least 4 hours before serving.

With a tasting box, prepare the most delicious hot chocolates ! Grab a mug and a packet of hot chocolate powder along with a few small squares of chocolate. Heat the equivalent of a cup of water over low heat. Stir in the chocolate powder and let the mixture blend. Pour your hot drink into your prettiest mug. Let it cool slightly before topping with whipped cream. Take a small square of chocolate and shave it into shavings for