Dolfin Gift Set with 27 Chocolate Squares with 9 Flavours

  • Milk and dark chocolate
  • 9 different flavours
  • Capacity : 270g
  • Belgian chocolate
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This magnificent box from Dolfin is a call to discover a wide range of flavours. Always in the spirit of innovation and with the desire to satisfy you, Dolfin has brought together the best ingredients and flavours in this  one box of 27 dark and milk chocolate squares, each weighing 10g, in 9 different flavours. Now's the time to indulge your sweet tooth...


Box of 27 squares with 9 flavours - Dolfin


Type of Chocolate


Made In

chocolat noir

tablette dolfin

drapeau belge

Dark and Milk Chocolate

Box of Squares


Box of 27 squares & 9 flavours

Dolfin is passionate about chocolate and knows how to draw on its 200 years of experience to offer you the best. In this assortment of 27 10g squares of dark and milk chocolate, the House makes you discover its selection of the best chocolates there is.

So, 9 different and unique flavours are brought together in one box, which is also a great gift idea for all chocolate lovers...

In addition to the unique taste and impeccable freshness of its chocolates, Dolfin makes it a point of honour to package them with care and elegance, so that the aesthetics match the chocolate's exceptional quality.

The flavours of the box

Milk Caramel: An irresistibly gourmet blend of the rich and sweet combination of milk chocolate and butterscotch.

Dark (88% Cacao): The authenticity of a dark chocolate with character, where all the intensity of a cocoa with round and fruity notes is found.

Dark, lemon & ginger: The lively and aromatic flavour of ginger is combined with lemon to melt in the heart of a chocolate that refreshes the palate.

Milk (38% Cacao): A smooth chocolate full of finesse; biting into it is a pleasure in itself, a source of energy, happiness and comfort.

Milk, hazelnuts: Often linked to magical practices, fresh and crunchy hazelnuts are revealed at the heart of a quality milk chocolate.

Dark, fleur de sel: The finesse of fleur de sel reveals the intensity of dark chocolate and gives it a perfect balance. 

Dark, orange: The tangy notes of orange peel in the melting chocolate invite warmth in winter and cheerfulness in summer. 

Dark, almonds: Sweet and deliciously crunchy, almonds mingle with dark chocolate in a waltz of delicate flavours.


Dolfin's commitments

Carefully selected ingredients

An environmentally friendly chocolate factory

Antioxidant-rich chocolate

Storage Tips

Dolfin makes it a point of honour to carefully and scrupulously select its ingredients from among the best that nature has to offer, in order to offer you the freshest and most flavourful chocolates possible.

Naturally authentic and pure, they come from all over the world and are perfectly highlighted in the chocolates.
At Dolfin, being environmentally friendly is a priority. In addition to its goal of reducing its CO2 emissions by 15%, the company is involved in a project in Tanzania. This project aims to collect and destroy waste in the streets of Dar Es Salaam avoiding greenhouse gas emissions by destroying methane gas and processing the waste.
Cocoa is naturally rich in antioxidants. Antioxidants are valuable for the cardiovascular system. They fight against cell ageing and the deterioration of molecules such as blood lipids and DNA.

Several studies show that chocolate has beneficial effects on the heart and blood circulation.
Chocolate is a fragile and complex thing.

It is very sensitive to odours, light and temperature variations: it should therefore be kept in a cool, dark and dry place, preferably between 14 and 18°C.


Chocolat Dolfin

Chocolat Dolfin

Chocolate has been a passion at Dolfin for the past twenty years. This Belgian Chocolate House's philosophy involves mixing Grand Cru chocolate with natural, high quality ingredients.

Fruits, spices, herbs, flowers and essential oils are subtly and harmoniously blended with the best traditional chocolate.

The Dolfin Chocolate House is defined by the quality, refinement and flavours of its products.

Dolfin Gift Set with 27 Chocolate Squares with 9 Flavours
Energy Kcal 541 Kcal
Energy kJ 2251 kJ
Fat 36 g
of which saturates 22 g
Carbohydrates 43 g
of which sugars 39 g
Protein 8 g
Salt 0.1 g
Type of chocolate Dark chocolate, Milk Chocolate, Chocolate with caramel, Chocolate with fruits, Assortment
Type of product Neapolitans , Assortment
Packaging By 1
Weight 270 g
EAN : 5413415915879
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