Carré Suisse Milk Chocolate Bar with Caramel Chips & Organic Guérande Salt - 100g


Want to be healthy and eco-friendly and enjoy it? 

This organic milk chocolate bar by Carré Suisse is the perfect treat. A real treat! 

This Carré Suisse milk chocolate bar comes with real caramel chips and Guérande salt. The combination of the two in the chocolate is a treat for the taste buds.

Plus, this Carré Suisse bar is certified organic, made from 100% cocoa butter and is gluten free. Made in Switzerland using traditional refining and conching.

This Swiss milk chocolate bar is subtle, melt-in-the-mouth, and indulgent. 


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cane sugar, cocoa butter, milk powdered whole, caramel chips 10% (cane sugar, whole milk powder, butter, glucose syrup), cocoa paste, Guérande salt, vanilla pods. 
May contain hazelnuts, almonds and peanuts. Minimum 37% cocoa. (Milk chocolate). All agricultural ingredients are certified organic.

Nutritional values per 100 g:

Energy: 2,330 kJ / 559 kcal

Fat: 36 g

of which saturates: 22 g

Carbohydrates: 51 g

of which sugar: 51 g

Protein: 7 g

Salt: 0.6 g


Carré Suisse

Carré Suisse

Carré Suisse chocolate is made from the best cocoa beans. Indeed, with Carré Suisse you will enjoy a high quality chocolate.

All bars are made of three main varieties of cocoa beans: Trinitario, Criollo and Forastero. Issues de pays variés tels que le Pérou ou encore Haïti.

Carré Suisse Milk Chocolate Bar with Caramel Chips & Organic Guérande Salt - 100g
Organic Organic
Type of chocolate Milk Chocolate, Chocolate with caramel
Percentage of cocoa 37 %
Chocolate chips Caramel
Capacity in g 100 gram(s)
Packaging By 1
EAN : 3760231780085