Monbana - Crousti-Caramel Snack Box 90g

Brand :    Monbana
  • Milk chocolate / Caramel
  • Dispenser Box
  • Contains: 90g
  • Made in France
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Monbana revisits its famous crousti-neige by creating Crousti-Caramel: puffed cereal balls coated with milk chocolate and white chocolate caramel flavour. The mini-dispenser box contains 90g of Crousti-Caramel.


Crousti-Caramel Boîte snacking 90g - Monbana


napolitains monbana chocolatier

Chocolate family Type of chocolate Made in
chocolat lait blanc crousti-neige drapeau français
Milk chocolate Puffed delicacy France


The crousti-neige is a Monbana speciality, combining delicacy and lightness. It goes very well with your coffee or espresso. Monbana revisits its crousti-neige recipe by replacing the coffee flavour with a caramel flavour. A real treat for the taste buds

crousti-caramel monbana


Crousti-Caramel is packaged in a small dispenser box that fits easily into a pocket or bag.





Monbana is a family business which has been operating since 1934.

Over three generations, the company has been able to grow and develop while maintaining their spirit of "craftsmanship".

Thanks to its two production sites in France and its own plantations, Monbana showcases its love for chocolate through its drinks, cakes and chocolate bars.

Monbana - Crousti-Caramel Snack Box 90g
Features Manufactured in France
Type of chocolate Milk Chocolate, Chocolate with caramel
Type of product Others
Made in France Made in France
Packaging By 1
Weight 90 g
EAN : 3474340016132
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