Dolfin - Assortment of 32 delicious squares 16 flavours

  • Milk & Dark Chocolate
  • 16 flavours
  • Weight: 108g
  • Belgian Chocolate
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This pretty box from Dolfin is a call to discover flavours and to taste them. Always in a spirit of innovation and with the desire to satisfy you, Dolfin has brought together the best ingredients and flavours in this box of 32 gourmet squares of 5g each, in 16 different flavours. Let your greed speak for itself...


 Dolfin - Assortment of 32 delicious squares 16 flavours


Type of chocolate Format Made in
chocolat noir et au lait carr�©s gourmands dolfin drapeau belge
Milk & dark chocolate Delicious squares Belgium


Box of 32 delicious squares & 16 flavours

Dolfin is passionate about chocolate and knows how to draw on its 200 years of experience to offer you the best. In this assortment of 32 gourmet squares of 5g, the House makes you discover its selection of chocolates among the best there is.

There are 16 different and unique flavours in one tube, which is also a great gift idea for all chocolate lovers...

Beyond the unique taste and the impeccable freshness of its chocolates, Dolfin makes a point of honour of packaging them with care and elegance, so that the aestheticism is equal to the exceptional quality of the chocolate.

The flavours in the box

Milk: Soft, tender, a little caramelised without being too sweet, our milk chocolate can be recognised between 1000...

Milk Coffee : The full-bodied ground coffee creates a light bitterness within the sweetness of the milk chocolate.

Lait Hot Masala: A colourful blend of spices, Hot Masala combined with chocolate is a happy surprise with comforting flavours.

Milk Caramel: The caramel enhances the warm taste of the milk chocolate and gives it a pleasant warm taste.

Milk Nougatine: Nougatine milk evokes memories of childhood sweets. A crunchy chocolate, full of delicacy.

Dark Orange: The melting dark chocolate is accompanied by fresh, sunny orange peels.

Dark Pink Pepper: Pink peppercorns give dark chocolate a fairly mild, almost sweet, then aromatic, pungent and warm flavour.

Dark Lemon: Sweet and deliciously crunchy, almonds mingle with dark chocolate in a waltz of delicate flavours.

Dark Ginger: The fresh ginger gives the chocolate a fleshy texture that stimulates the senses. A combination of two strong and passionate personalities.

Dark Salted Almonds: Like a wink to the sweets of our grandmothers, the association of the greedy and crunchy almond in the heart of the dark chocolate.

Dark Carmadom: Another oriental guest in the chocolate, cardamom arrives with its peppery and lemony touches for a blend full of warmth..

Dark Earl Grey: The invigorating sweetness of the bergamot is perfectly integrated into the strong chocolate and gives it a British accent.

Dark Lavender: A symbol of tenderness and serenity, lavender lends its delicate fragrance to the strength of dark chocolate.

Dark (70% Cacoa): Generosity, fruity flavour, strength, length in the mouth and subtlety; these are the qualities of this superb dark chocolate.

Dark (88% Cacoa): This simple and refined chocolate allows you to appreciate an authentic taste that is both raw and beautiful, and an exceptional length in the mouth.

Dark Nougatine: A very tasty combination: the dark chocolate plays with the nougatine chips and creates a delicate contrast of flavours.


Chocolat Dolfin

Chocolat Dolfin

Chocolate has been a passion at Dolfin for the past twenty years. This Belgian Chocolate House's philosophy involves mixing Grand Cru chocolate with natural, high quality ingredients.

Fruits, spices, herbs, flowers and essential oils are subtly and harmoniously blended with the best traditional chocolate.

The Dolfin Chocolate House is defined by the quality, refinement and flavours of its products.

Dolfin - Assortment of 32 delicious squares 16 flavours
Type of chocolate Dark chocolate, Milk Chocolate, Chocolate with fruits, Assortment
Type of product Neapolitans , Assortment
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Weight 108 g
EAN : 5413415913059
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