Felicita ARC smart coffee scale

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Brand :    Felicita
  • Aluminum Body
  • Water & Heat resistant
  • 2000g capacity in 0.1g increments
  • Auto-tare & Auto-timer functions
  • LED display
  • Lithium-ion USB rechargeable

The Felicita ARC is the ideal coffee scale for Baristi wishing to accurately measure their espresso extractions. It has a fast response time and a great LED display, easy to read. Features include: Auto-tare & Auto-timer, Bluetooth connectivity via the Felicita App...

Ideal for espresso extraction
The ARC scale has a compact design, so it can be placed under your porta filter during the extraction process to measure the flow of your espressi. Its dual, simultaneous LED display indicates weight as well as time.
Weight units can be displayed in g or oz.
Its 8-digit LED display is easy to read.
Its built-in automatic timer triggers as soon as a weight goes on the scale. It also has a tare and automatic start functions.
The Felicita ARC allows you to measure from 0.1 to 2000g, within a gram. Reference division: 0.01g

Quality materials
The Felicita ARC is made of alumunium with acrylic window and touch sensitive buttons.
This scale comes with a non-slip rubber mat for your cups, porta filters, Slow Coffee jugs... Two non-slip bands under the scale are there to provide better stability.

The Felicita ARC scale is Lithium-ion USB rechargeable

Bluetooth connection
This scale can be connected via bluetooth to the Felicita app so you can keep track of the curves, reset your scale and save your various measurements.

Scale supplied with: USB Cable,100g Calibration Weight & Heat Resistant Mat.



Felicita is an American brand offering high quality smart coffee scales. The must-have Barista accessory to keep track of both the weight and time of your coffee extractions.

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Felicita ARC smart coffee scale
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