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Baristator Espresso+ scale

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Brand :    Baristator
  • Scale for Espresso and Pour-Over Methods
  • LED display
  • With auto-detection of flow
  • Power supply: Battery with USB cable included
  • Functions: manual or automatic
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This Espresso+ Baristator scale is equipped with an LCD display, a timer with an "Automatic Espresso" option and an automatic flow detection system. A quality precision scale for espresso and pour-over coffee lovers. 2 years warranty.
balance à café de précision Espresso+ Baristator

BARISTATOR Espresso+ scale 

A precision scale for espresso and drip methods

This Espresso+ scale from Baristator will give you the precision you need to extract your coffee.

For espresso, the automatic function is a great advantage.

Place the scale under the filter holder of your espresso machine and the timer will start and stop itself when the coffee falls into the cup.

This precision scale will show you the weight and the elapsed time.

For drip methods, use the manual mode to take into account the pre-infusion time (bloom) during preparation.

This way you can keep track of the time of each pouring and the weight of the liquid, in order to obtain the best result in the cup.

The Espresso+ scale is splash-proof. It is also equipped with a silicone mat to stabilise your equipment and protect the stainless steel tray from scratches.  

Balance Espresso+ Baristator

The characteristics of the Espresso+ scale from BARISTATOR

Available in g or oz.

The maximum capacity of this Baristator scale is 2000g. It can be charged via a USB-C port with the cable supplied in the box.

The scale is made from solid plastic and stainless steel, with a matte black silicone protection mat.

3.7V 1100mAh Li-on polymer battery.



Baristator is the must-have brand for baristas in search of perfection. Its accessories are manufactured in Italy and have been developed in close collaboration with recognised barista champions. These quality products are now available to the general public. We have selected the best models and exclusive offers just for you.

Baristator Espresso+ scale
Dimensions (WxDxH) 130 x 110 x 23 mm
Dominant colour(s) Grey/Silver, Black
Maximum weight 2000
Recommended for: Slow coffee, Espresso
Power supply Battery
Bluetooth with Bluetooth
Timer Automatic
Tare function Manual
EAN : 3700809384208
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