Hario V60 metal drip scale with timer

  • Perfect scales for pour-over Coffee
  • With timer & blue LED display
  • Precision: 0.1g
  • USB port for charging
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The Hario V60 drip scale: originally made for the Hario V60 dripper but ideal for all pour-over coffee methods. You will be able to measure the amount of coffee dripping and check the timing thanks to the integrated chronometer for best results. Blue led display. USB port to charge up. Hario is a Japanese firm specialised in tableware since 1921.

The Hario V60 drip scale is very precise. It displays to the nearest 0.1g up to 200g and to the nearest 1g beyond.

It can measure up to 2000 grams.

The blue LED display allows you to use your scale even when the light is low.

The battery lasts up to 80 hours, recharging is done via a USB port.

Maintenance is very easy as you can remove the tray to clean it.

Size: W120 × D175 × H31mm

Weight (incl.individual box): Around 600g

The Hario V60 drip scale is made to fit the Hario station so you have the perfect tidy set up at home with your V60 dripper!



Hario (meaning "King of Glass") is a Japanese company that has been specialising in tableware since 1921. Hario rapidly gained notoriety thanks to its range of teapots and famous vacuum coffee makers, also known as a "Syphon coffee makers".
Hario® is recognized by the greatest baristas as the best coffee 'filtering process' for taste: the company has made its mark as providing THE highest quality standards.

Hario V60 metal drip scale with timer
Size (W x Dx H) 120 x 175 x 31 mm
Maximum weight 2000 g
Recommended for: Slow coffee
Power supply Battery
Bluetooth with Bluetooth
Specificities 0,1g
Timer Manual
EAN : 4977642021310
Downloads available for Hario V60 metal drip scale with timer :

Instruction manual
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