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Our selection of chocolate gift sets

This selection is for all lovers of quality chocolate! Whether it's dark, milk or white chocolate.
MaxiCoffee offers you our gift ideas for chocolate. Whether it's for Christmas, Valentine's Day or any other special occasion, you'll find all our original chocolate bars, assorted chocolate boxes, melting ganaches and chocolate papillotes. For even more pleasure, take a look at our full range of chocolates .

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Which chocolate gift to choose?

Looking to give a gift to a coffee enthusiast? Opt for a chocolate box, a tasty gift! At MaxiCoffee, we offer boxes and chocolate assortments perfectly suited to accompany coffee. Enjoy chocolates or mini bars to share. These treats pair perfectly with coffee, allowing you to discover new flavours with each coffee break.

Enhance the aromas of your coffee by pairing it with delicious chocolate squares. Moreover, the gift boxes come in absolutely stunning packaging such as hat boxes or beautiful metal boxes. You can reuse these packages for other purposes and even decorate! This type of gift box comes in different themes: by coffee-producing country, by flavours, by occasions, and more. Don't wait any longer!

A chocolate box is always a safe bet

For children: indulgent chocolate sets for kids

Easter is approaching? Your kid's birthday? Or do you simply fancy some chocolate? We offer a selection of sets specially designed for children.

Whether in the form of bars, Easter eggs, or surprise boxes, both young and old will be delighted with indulgent and creamy chocolates. Savour recipes with cocoa butter, almond paste, chocolate-covered dried fruits, or even puffed rice. Make them fall in love with plain or caramel-flavoured chocolate truffles. Their snacks have never been so delicious!

For the more curious: a wide selection of original and varied chocolate sets

If know someone who lives for chocolate, no hesitation when it comes to giving them a gift! Find at MaxiCoffee complete sets filled with a variety of chocolates. Café Tasse, a brand known for its expertise and high-quality chocolate, offers boxes containing chocolate in all its forms! Mini bars, hot chocolate powder, mugs... can't to go wrong!

Dolfin, Monbana offer chocolate boxes with multiple flavours to broaden their horizons.

Our chocolate set ideas

We have created a wide selection of chocolate sets to allow you to celebrate every occasion. All the best luxury chocolate brands offer gifts suitable for all chocolate lovers. Every life event can be celebrated with a chocolate surprise.

Monbana has created dark and milk chocolate bars with original flavours. You can convey a message in chocolate for every occasion such as "Happy Holidays," "Thank you," "Congratulations," or "Happy Birthday." You just have to offer this treat to your loved ones.

Café Tasse, Monbana, and Dolfin have created chocolates themed for Valentine's Day, to surprise and spoil your significant other. One never tires of this small, indulgent, and romantic gesture!

Also, find assortments of chocolates for Father's Day and Mother's Day. All chocolates can be adapted for this occasion, but some boxes are particularly suitable. Treat your parents and give them a moment of sweetness with one of our assortments.

For every occasion, you can gift chocolates, opt for chocolate gift sets! Maison Taillefer has created a large gift pack including coffee, tea, chocolate, and a mug. There's something to delight the whole family and cater to all tastes.

Why buy chocolate gifts on MaxiCoffee?

At MaxiCoffee, you benefit from numerous advantages. We offer a wide selection of chocolate gift sets to please a maximum of people and diversify the pleasures. Prices are accessible to everyone, allowing you to find something no matter your budget. Life should always be celebrated with chocolate.

Thanks to our expertise in coffee, we select chocolates that can perfectly complement your favourite drink. Enjoy true transparency about the origin and composition of each product. Don't forget to check out our entire chocolate range.