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    1 Log in and click on the "Coffee match"!

    Start by logging in to access the "Coffee match" section located in "My Account".

    2 Rate your coffee beans.

    Once tasted, you'll be able to say if you liked, loved, or disliked your coffee.

    3 Discover your coffee profile et your personalised coffee selection.

    Gain access to a catalogue 100% tailored to your preferences.

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All your coffee beans in one place!

Have easy access to all of your previously ordered coffee beans.

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Rate my coffee

Say if you loved, liked or didn't appreciate a coffee and quickly access all of your favourites.

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A personalised coffee bean selection!

This coffee profile is compiled by our experts based on the coffees you have rated. We then suggest the best coffee beans that match your profile.

Why choose MaxiCoffee?

  • free delivery
    Free delivery from 1kg *For a selection of coffee beans
  • wide selection
    A wide selection of over 400 products
  • coffee specialist
    N°1 Specialist of the coffee world
  • guaranteed freshness
    Guaranteed freshness on a wide range of brands

*This offer applies to the following brands: Cafés Lugat, Green Lion Coffee, Perléo Espresso, Les Petits Torréfacteurs, Caffè Madelio and Number.