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Cafés Lugat Coffee Beans Summer Blend - 4x250g

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Score : 85 / 100
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Brand :    Cafés Lugat
  • Blend
  • Ethiopia, Brazil, Guatemala
  • Roasted in France
  • Score: 85/100
  • Ideal as an iced coffee or espresso
Score : 85 / 100
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Discover Cafés Lugat's Summer Blend for the perfect refreshing break during your holidays. A blend of coffee beans from Ethiopia, Honduras and Guatemala which will offer you notes of strawberry, almond, cocoa and white flowers. 4x250g coffee beans.

Characteristics of this Summer Time Cafés Lugat coffee bean:

Intensité Balanced coffee
Appellation  Blend
Ethiopia, Guatemala, Brazil
Type de torrefaction
roasted in
pays de torrefaction   France (Aquitaine)
Type de cafe 100% Arabica
Variete  Red Caturra, Red Bourbon, Heirloom
Altitude  Altitude 1200 -2000 M
Type de recolte  Manual and selective harvest
Process Washed, Natural

CAFÉS LUGAT Summer Time Coffee Beans

Every year we unveil our new summer coffee, produced from the best origins (South/Central America and Africa). The Brazilian and Guatemalan coffees bring that sweet, round and balanced side to the coffee as well as notes of praline. They combine perfectly with Ethiopian coffee, counterbalancing its acidic side.

To the eye: whether you choose an espresso or an iced coffee, the pleasure of the eye is guaranteed. With an espresso, the crema will match your beautiful golden tan with its hazelnut colour. As for the iced coffee, you can tell how fresh it is by the many ice cubes on top and the characteristic sound of ice cubes mixing together.

Once you start drinking it, your first impressions are confirmed: it is sublime!

Summer Time offers a greedy attack, with notes of praline. Expect a full body, revealing a beautiful sweetness with notes of caramel. Ideal for a balanced espresso, with a floral finish.


Ice coffee recipe by Cafés Lugat

Café frappé 

You will need:

  • a double espresso
  • 2 cl cane sugar syrup (optional)
  • a shaker
  • a martini glass
  • a strainer (cocktail strainer)


Pour the double espresso and cane sugar into a shaker, add a dozen ice cubes and shake vigorously for 10 seconds. Pour the mixture into the martini cup using a strainer.  Decorate your coffee shake with a few coffee beans.

For an iced latte, make an espresso, use 10 cl of whole milk and 1 cl of cane sugar syrup (optional). In a shaker, mix the three ingredients, add a dozen ice cubes and shake vigorously for 10 seconds. Pour the latte into a tumbler glass filled with ice cubes. Enjoy!

Cafés Lugat coffee beans

Cafés Lugat is a brand of speciality coffees, committed to offering unique, custom-roasted coffees every day. Cafés Lugat offers a range of coffees in beans, ground coffees and capsules. Because each coffee has a history, an identity, Cafés Lugat does everything possible to share all its richness and secrets.   


Cafés Lugat

Cafés Lugat boasts a team of enthusiastic young coffee roasters who select exceptional coffees and create irresistible recipes just for you. Through their range of coffee beans, ground coffees and Nespresso® compatible capsules, their mission is to bring you the unique flavour and aromas from the world's best coffee-producing areas!

Their passion for coffee has even won them awards. Marco, the brand's head roaster, was awarded the French Barista Championship title at the 2017 French Championships.

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