Goneo - Souvenir de Goma Coffee Beans 250g

  • Blend
  • Ethiopia (Goma)
  • Roasted in France
  • Best Espresso Blend of France 2022
  • Also available in 500g
  • 250g
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Souvenir de Goma by Gonéo, voted Best Blend Expresso in France in 2022 at the Paris Coffee Show, is to be tasted urgently! The first forest coffee of the Lyon-based brand, from Ethiopia (Goma), is appealing for its greediness and intensity. Find notes of dark fruits, white chocolate, honey and orange. Packaging: 250 g package.

café en grain torréfié en france

Specialty Coffee awarded at the Paris Coffee Show!

Gonéo offers very high quality Specialty Coffee, its first forest coffee having won an award at the Paris Coffee Show.

Reputed to be one of the best coffees in the world, Ethiopian coffee appeals as much for its historical link to coffee as for its privileged cultivation on high altitude plateaus. Gonéo Souvenir de Goma bean coffee is a coffee from Ethiopia and is produced by Nazimu Abamecha, at an altitude of nearly 2000M. A forest coffee grown around eight hectares of forest that develops fully in the shade of the trees, offering a breathtaking aromatic complexity.

After harvesting, this specialty coffee was treated according to the nature and Honey processes.  They reinforce the uniqueness of this Ethiopian coffee, created especially for the Paris Coffee Show by the master roaster after traveling to Goma, his favorite coffee region. 

specialty coffee

To the tasting of this coffee bean 

A coffee to be tasted ideally in espresso with your coffee bean machine or your manual espresso machine for a maximum of flavors.

Once the extraction is finished, you will take pleasure in smelling the odors of jam and honey with a pretty hazelnut-colored and persistent crema.

At the first contact, you have the sensation to have a concentrate of fruits in mouth thanks to the notes of black fruits. Then comes the sweetness of honey mixed with the pep of the orange. The finish starts with notes of white chocolate and ends with cocoa.

torréfacteur français  Gonéo

Gonéo, French roaster

Hugues Chazottes has been at the head of this Lyon-based company since 2015. The concern of the brand is to remain a roasting house where quality, know-how and exceptional products rhyme.

With its varied range of coffees from ground coffee, to coffee beans or capsules, Gonéo manages to satisfy many consumers with its timeless philosophy based on sharing, human and sustainability.

Discover the products of Gonéo, products made and roasted in France. 

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