The Bodum Pour Over in white is a manual filter coffee maker with a capacity of 4 cups or 50cl. It is equipped with a permanent titanium filter, allowing you to enjoy an exceptional coffee with an optimal quality.

BODUM Pour Over Coffee Maker in White

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Double-walled Glass Pour Over 4 cups with Permanent Stainless Steel Mesh Filter

This Bodum Pour Over, similar to the Chemex, is innovative thanks to its permanent Bodum filter, finely meshed in stainless steel and titanium plated, allowing the coffee to be filtered without altering its taste. The coffee preserves its aroma and does not pass through.
It is the new reference from Bodum, known worldwide for the preparation of a coffee that is environmentally friendly and above all very tasty. Indeed, this coffee maker does not require paper filters, yes, only pure aroma!

The hot water is dispensed slowly in order to give your coffee an optimal quality taste thanks to the better development of the aroma on the ground coffee.

The advantages of buying a Pour Over Bodum filter coffee maker:

    Permanent stainless steel filter - no need to buy paper filters,
    Borosilicate glass carafe with double-walled tritan, neutral taste,
    Removable handle protects hands from hot glass,
    Dishwasher safe.

The BODUM® Pour Over coffee maker has a stainless steel filter which makes it possible to do without paper filters. This promotes the development of a pure aroma - no more paper filters that trap essential oils and aromas.

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Bodum is a family business, founded in Copenhagen by Peter Bodum in 1944. The founder's concept: to develop functional and quality products at an affordable price. Bodum products are sold in 55 countries around the world.
Since 1974, Bodum has produced more than 100 million French Press coffee makers and 30 million teapots.