This Claris water filter cartridge from Sage treats water against limescale to preserve your coffee machine and extend its life. What's more, thanks to this filtration system, you'll get pure water with no taste that could alter the quality of your coffee. Pack of 4.

Claris Filter - Sage Water Filter Cartridge SES008WHT0NEU1 x4

An effective cartridge for treating water against limescale

This filtration system, which clips directly into your water tank, removes limescale from the water to protect your espresso machine from limescale build-up. This essential action is necessary to maintain the life of your machine.

What's more, this cartridge also purifies the taste of the water so as not to alter the flavour of your coffee. Coffee is 99% water, so it's vital to have pure water to obtain a tasty coffee.

The Sage Claris Water Filter has an adjustable dial on the top so you can remember which month to change it. Simple and effective!

Compatible Sage Espresso Machines

  • SES990 Oracle Touch, SES878 Barista Pro,
  • SES980 Oracle, SES880 Barista Touch,
  • SES920 Dual Boiler, SES875 Barista Express,
  • SES810 Duo-Temp, SES500 Bambino Plus.

Attention: Before purchasing, kindly verify compatibility by cross-checking your espresso machine's existing filter or batch code with the list below.


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Sage ClaroSwiss Water Filter x 4
Set of 2
Type of cleaning product Filtration
Machine type Espresso machine
EAN : 9312432028165