'Love & Coffee French Press' Valentine's Day gift pack

  • Valentine's Day gift idea!
  • French press with 350ml capacity
  • Ground coffee (special French press grind)
  • Café-Tasse Belgian Ruby chocolates
  • Lovely cotton bag
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  • Dispatched within 20 to 40 days

Does your special someone love drinking coffee? Then our 'Love & Coffee French Press' Valentine's Day gift pack is the perfect present! It contains a unique Pylano French press (zero contact with plastic during the brewing process), 250g of 'Maracaju' ground coffee by Cafés Lugat and delicious Belgian Ruby chocolates by Café-Tasse. All ready to offer in our lovely Maxicoffee cotton bag!

The 'Love & Coffee French Press' Valentine's Day gift pack contain s:
A Pylano "Cali" French press : It is the very first model on the market not to include plastic inside the coffee maker. All parts of the plunger system inside the jug and the cover (including the filter), are made of stainless steel. Unique double filtration system. 3 cups capacity (350ml). Dishwasher-safe.
'Le Maracaju' ground coffee by Cafés Lugat : A blend of Arabica from Brazil and Ethiopia. For a balanced coffee with notes of berries and chocolate. Roasted in France. 250g pack of ground coffee for French Press / Plungers.
'La vie en rose' chocolates by Café-Tasse : 12 mini tablets (9g each) in a pack. 40% cocoa. Made with Ruby cocoa beans, giving this chocolate a natural pink colour. A very special treat from Belgium!    
MaxiCoffee reusable cotton bag : 100% cotton.  L 29cm x H 43,5cm. With 2 cotton straps to tighten the top of your bag.




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