Pylano Cali French Press for 3 cups + 2 double wall glasses

  • Pylano French Press + 2 Glasses
  • 35cl Capacity
  • Zero Contact with Plastic
  • Unique Double Filtration System
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The Pylano "Cali" French press is the very first model on the market not to include plastic inside the coffee maker. All parts of the plunger system inside the jug and the cover (including the filter), are made of stainless steel. Unique double filtration system. 3 cup capacity. Dishwasher-safe. This pack includes a set of 2 'Mila' double wall glasses by Pylano. 25cl capacity each. Made of borosolicate glass.

Main Caracteristics:

contenance 35cl
Matiere Glass / Stainless Steel / ABS Handle
Marque Pylano
Capacite 3 cups
Compatibilite Double filtration with stainless steel mesh
Lavage Dishwasher Safe



A piston coffee maker with no plastic contact with the coffee

This beautiful Pylano piston coffee maker is the first model on the market that does not incorporate plastic in the body of the coffee maker. All parts of the plunger and lid (including the filter) are made of stainless steel. Only the handle is made of plastic to keep it light.

The Pylano coffeemaker is therefore a break from other piston coffee makers, which incorporate a plastic filter at the opening.

The carafe is made of borosilicate glass and is held in place by an all stainless steel frame with an ABS handle, ensuring that the coffee you brew is free of plastic.

The coffee maker is very easy to clean as it is dishwasher safe.


Pylano cali couvercle

Double filtration for a bitter-free coffee

Thanks to its unique double filtration system, combining a classic sieve with a stainless steel mesh at the pouring point, the bitter foam that forms on the surface of the coffee is retained for a perfect cup result.

The opening of the lid is blocked by an extremely fine mesh, which will trap the foam that forms on the surface of the coffee. This foam, which forms naturally, is a concentrate of bitterness that will unbalance your drink. The double-filtration system retains 95% of it to give you a coffee with great aromatic clarity.

Comparatif du résultat en tasse


How to use your piston coffee maker?

Préparation cafetière à piston

1. Place the coffee maker on a dry, flat, non-slip surface. Remove the plunger from the glass. For each cup, add one teaspoon of ground coffee (about 7.5g).

Préparation cafetière à piston

2. Pour hot (not boiling) water into the coffee maker. For each cup, add 90 ml of water and stir. For safety, use a plastic or wooden spoon.

Préparation cafetière à piston

3. Place the plunger element at the top of the coffee maker to conserve heat. Do not press the plunger down. Let the coffee brew for about 4 minutes.

Préparation cafetière à piston

4. Slowly press the plunger, which should not show any resistance. Taste it.




Pylano, specialist in kitchenware, proposes a range of trendy products to please coffee and tea lovers in search of conviviality. Pylano products are easy to use and their design will seduce many!

Pylano Cali French Press for 3 cups + 2 double wall glasses
Colours Dark stainless steel
Dimensions (WxDxH) 135 x 70 x 170 mm
Jug material Stainless steel
Capacity 3 cup(s)
Capacity 35 cl
Dominant colour(s) Silver
Zero waste Yes
Specificities Regular
Cleaning Dishwasher safe
Plunger type Stainless steel mesh
EAN : 3700809378511
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