Baristator Tamper 58.6mm high precision black wood

  • 58.6mm diameter
  • Designed by Champion Barista
  • Flat bottom base
  • Professional tamper
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The Baristator coffee tamper is the most accurate tamper on the market. With a diameter of 58.6mm, a black lacquered wooden handle with a stainless steel base and an innovative shape designed with barista champions to minimise grind loss and perfect your tamping.

Baristator Tamper 58.6mm high precision black wood 

A perfect diameter!

With an ultra-precise 58.6mm diameter and a flat bottom, this base has been designed to ensure that the entire grind in your filter is compacted. When a traditional coffee tamper doesn't get close enough to the edge of your filter (and therefore causes a significant loss of grind), the Baristator tamper allows the entire weight of the grind to be packed. And you know that when it comes to espresso, precision is everything!

The Baristator tamper has been developed to fit professional diameter filters (58mm), however it will not fit filters designed for a cup.

A well-designed base

Its shape is different from the classic 'rectangular' tamper, and this is not for the sake of looks, but again, for the sake of efficiency. Its diameter prevents any loss of grind, so the question of airflow can be raised: where a classic coffee tamper (assuming a diameter as precise as the Baristator) would cause the grind to be lifted up by the suction effect, the Baristator tamper allows the air to circulate progressively and therefore prevents any imbalance in air pressure.

Quality materials

The Baristator tamper is a tool developed with renowned barista champions to perfectly match the needs for extracting your espressi. The wooden handle is ergonomically designed to suit everyone, and its texture makes it easy to grip, without slipping, ensuring a precise gesture.

The stainless steel base is heavy (257.5 g) in high quality steel and the logo has been laser-etched with a special technique to make grinding retention zero.

Tamper haute précision Baristator 58,6 mm bois noir

Poids307 g
handle length
Hauteur92 mm
handle material
base material
MatériauxStainless steel
Diamètre58,6 mm
Foundation type




Baristator is the must-have brand for baristas in search of perfection. Its accessories are manufactured in Italy and have been developed in close collaboration with recognised barista champions. These quality products are now available to the general public. We have selected the best models and exclusive offers just for you.

Baristator Tamper 58.6mm high precision black wood
Diameter 58.6 mm
Base material Stainless steel
Shape of base Flat
Handle material Wood
Dominant colour(s) Black
Height 92 mm
Weight 0.307 Kg
EAN : 3700809373608
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