Pellini Magnifico compatible capsules for Nespresso® x10

  • Arabica blend
  • 1 box contains 10 capsules
  • Compatible with Nespresso®
  • Strong coffee with tasty notes
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10 Pellini capsules with a strong intensity, compatible with Nespresso®. These Magnifico capsules from Pellini develop an  intense flavour of chocolate, dotted with subtle notes of honey.  Capsules packaged in a stylish box. This coffee was named Taste of the Year 2015 by Italian consumers!

Main Characteristics of the Pellini Magnifico Capsules:

Intensite Strong Coffee
Appellation  Blend
Variete  100% Arabica
Type de torrefaction
roasted in
Pays de torrefaction   Italy

10 capsules Magnifico by PELLINI - Nespresso® compatible

This pack of 40 Magnifico Pellini capsules, Nespresso®* compatible will take you on a unique journey! Freshly roasted in Italy, this 100% Arabica roasted coffee with a round aroma will offer you many surprises.

Enjoy notes of chocolate with a hint of honey to give you a gourmet experience after your meal, a real treat!

These capsules are packaged in a protective atmosphere, avoiding unnecessary extra packaging.



Pellini is a famous brand of coffee from Verona (Italy). Marco Pellini, coffee master roaster, focuses on the quality and excellence of coffee, rather than quantity.

The Pellini brand was rewarded at the first edition of the International Coffee Tasting Awards . Double gold medal in the "Espresso" and "Moka" categories.

Pellini Magnifico compatible capsules for Nespresso® x10
Capsule materials Plant fiber
EAN : 8001685129699
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