Caffè Vergnano - Women in Coffee Mug

  • Capacity: 31 cl
  • Beverage: Tea / Latte Macchiatto
  • Limited Edition
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By purchasing the Women In Coffee mug, you will contribute to the empowerment and integration of women into society, especially the 70% of women working on coffee plantations. Capacity: 31 cl


Pink Mug Women In Coffee by Caffé Vergnano


Main caracteristics

Type de boisson Tea / Latte Macchiatto
Capacité  31 cl
Matériaux Kaolins/Quartz
Paroi Thick edges
Anses With handle
Forme - -

tasses à café porcelaine cosmai

Women in Coffee by Caffè Vergnano


Discover this Kaolins and pink Qwartz mug by Caffè Vergnano for Women In Coffee 

Launched in 2018 at the initiative of the brand, this charity and fundraising project, never stops working to support women who need a shoulder. The support concerns women who work on plantations or those who are victims of violence. Caffè Vergnano has joined forces with International Women In Coffee and donates a portion of the proceeds from the product collection (cups, mugs, coffee makers, mocha, etc.) to the association. Among the many projects they have carried out together is the library built in Honduras near the plantations.

If you wish to discover the range, you can find the products on this dedicated page.

The quality of these Caffè Vergnano cappuccino cups is due to their perfect finish: thick rim, rounded bottom of the cups allowing the coffee to reveal all its aromas! 

And for your convenience, this Caffè Vergnano espresso set is dishwasher safe. 

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Caffè Vergnano

Caffè Vergnano

Caffè Vergnano is a company that boasts a long and prestigious history.

The company was founded way back in 1882 by Domenico Vergnano, grandfather of the current owners, who set up business in the small medieval town of Chieri, at the foot of Turin Hill.

The true vocation of the Vergnano family became apparent very quickly: in just a few years they mastered the art of coffee-roasting and selling.

Caffè Vergnano - Women in Coffee Mug
Perfect for Tea/Herbal Tea
Capacity 30cl and + (Latte)
Diameter (at the bottom) 50 mm
Diameter (at the top) 83 mm
Features With handle
Washing Dishwasher
Size (x H) x 100
EAN : 80018000000999327C
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