Our selection of mugs to enjoy your favourite drinks

Our team has selected for you the best mug brands in order to offer you a wide choice, but also and above all to make your coffee or tea experience the best one!
From small to large, you can find many sizes of mugs, choose from Viva Scandinavia, Bodum, KeepCup, QDO,... And enjoy your favourite hot drinks. Discover our entire range to find the mug that suits you! Also, check out our range of coffee cups.

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How to choose your mug?

Single and double wall mugs

At MaxiCoffee, we offer a wide range of mugs with different characteristics. You will find single wall mugs, more classical, but also many double wall mugs. They have several advantages: they are more solid and resistant and allow you to hold your mug without burning yourself. Some don't have a handle, but don't worry, you won't get burned!

One of the reasons why double wall mugs are so popular is their modern style: when they are transparent, this allows your drink to show through the two separate walls. You will be able to see the different colours in your drink, as well as the colour of the roast of your coffee.

Glass, porcelain and stoneware mugs

Many of our mugs are made of glass or borosilicate glass. These are fragile materials, but of high quality! The special feature of borosilicate glass is that it can withstand drinks at very high temperatures, preventing thermal shock and therefore breakage. Stoneware is also one of the most common materials for mugs, as it is strong and thick, and has the same advantages as borosilicate glass mugs.

There are also many porcelain mugs with original styles (wavy, matte, tumbler style...)

Travel mugs

We have also created a selection of travel mugs made of vegetable fibre. They are ideal to take to the office, in the car, or even on a getaway. They are not isothermal, but are easier to carry than a traditional mug. In addition, they are often equipped with a silicone band to insulate against heat.

Travel mugs replace disposable glasses and are an excellent ecological alternative. Reduce waste by drinking your favourite beverages wherever you are. In addition, the ECoffee Cup brand mugs are 80% biodegradable thanks to the vegetable fibres that make up the walls.

Why choose mugs from MaxiCoffee?

Choosing MaxiCoffee to buy your mugs is an excellent idea for many reasons! You will be spoilt for choice thanks to our selection of several dozen mugs of different brands, materials and capacities. We choose brands that offer quality products and in which we have full confidence!

In addition to quality, we make sure to offer items with good value for money and at prices everyone can afford. No one should be deprived of nice mugs! At MaxiCoffee we offer a unique advantage! Buy your mugs in sets and get a 5% discount on the total price.

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