Monbana Anamsaïa Chaï Latte powder - 800g

  • Chaï Latte powder
  • Enjoy hot or cold
  • 800g
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Discover the Anamsaïa Chaï Latte powder from Monbana. Following the traditional Indian recipe, this product mixes black tea, milk powder and a balanced cocktail of spices. Can be enjoyed hot or cold. 800g box  

Recipe for a hot drink

Use 200ml of milk and heat it for 5 seconds with your steam wand

Add 25g of powder

Heat and mix the preparation for 20 seconds with the steam wand 

You can of course prepare this drink using a saucepan and stirring regularly until you get the texture you want. 


Recipe for a cold drink

Best done in a blender, mixing 150ml of cold milk with 2 scoops of powder and 150g ice cubes.

Blend for 20 seconds. 


Ingredients: Sugar cane, cream milk powder, coconut and palm fat, honey powder, glucose syrup, spices (cinnamon / clove / cardamom / ginger), skimmed milk powder, black tea extract.



Monbana is a family business which has been operating since 1934.

Over three generations, the company has been able to grow and develop while maintaining their spirit of "craftsmanship".

Thanks to its two production sites in France and its own plantations, Monbana showcases its love for chocolate through its drinks, cakes and chocolate bars.

Monbana Anamsaïa Chaï Latte powder - 800g
Type of product Chai Latte
Number of drinks 35
Contenance 1 kg
EAN : 3474340026483
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