Kusmi Tea Organic AquaSummer Herbal Tea - 20 tea bags

  • Organic Herbal Tea
  • Perfect for Iced Tea
  • Notes of Hibiscus, Peach & Apricot
  • 20 muslin tea bags
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Enjoy summer all year round with Kusmi Tea's AquaSummer organic blend of hibiscus, peach and apricot herbal tea! Let the summer festivals begin. Hot or iced, get an fruity hit with this organic, caffeine-free herbal tea. 20 tea bags.

Main Characteristics:

Type of Tea
Famille Herbal Tea
Type Flavoured
aromes  Hibiscus, Peach, Apricot
Dominant note
Dominante Fruity
Origine --
brewing guide
Temps  5 min
Temperature  95°C
Temps Any time of day

AquaSummer Infusion - Kusmi Tea

Extend your summer holidays to the rest of the year with AquaSummer. Made from hibiscus, peach and apricot, you'll find a fruity blend spiced up with a slight acidity from the hibiscus.

This infusion can be enjoyed at any time of day: hot, it will be comforting, and iced, it will be perfect.

Ingredients: Apple*, hibiscus*(16%), rosehip*, peach*(7%), flavorings (peach, apricot, watermelon). *Organically grown ingredients

Brewing temperature: 205F/95C

Do you need an iced tea?

This infusion is perfect as an iced tea. Nothing could be simpler: - fill your carafe with 60 cl of simmering water - infuse your leaves for around 7 minutes - add a large quantity of ice cubes - leave this exquisite mixture to cool - enjoy and refresh yourself.

Kusmi Tea tea bags

Kusmi Tea offers a range of teas in individual 40g tea bags, so you can enjoy your tea wherever you go with ease. Kusmi Tea tea bags are made from PLA (polylactic acid), a biosourced material manufactured by transforming renewable plant materials. These bags contain no glue or staples. The string is also made from PLA, and is attached to the bag using a thermal process. They are biodegradable and can be industrially composted in appropriate collection channels.

Discover our full range of Kusmi Tea teas and infusions.

Kusmi tea

Kusmi tea

Kusmi Tea is synonym of refined and organic teas. Enjoy a cup of Wellness tea, Classic tea or flavoured tea… choose your favorite blend or try something new!

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