Mokxa - Columbian Cold Brew - 3L

  • Cold Brew
  • 3L
  • Organic
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Monin - Cold Brew Concentrate
  • Coffee flavour
  • Great for: Cocktails, iced teas...
  • Capacity: 0,7L
  • Glass bottle
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Discover the hermetically sealed Cold Brew by Mokxa. Cold Brew by Mokxa is completely immersed in cold water for 18 hours and finely filtered. It preserves the natural flavours of the coffee and offers a delicate drink with a beautiful aromatic clarity.

Size: 3L

Pasteurised, it can be stored for 12 months in an unopened cubicle.
Once opened, the airtight tap prevents oxidation of the cold brew, ensuring optimal enjoyment for up to 3 months.
Serve cold or on the rocks.
Tip: Remember to add a drop of cold milk, it's excellent!
Café Mokxa

Café Mokxa

Since 2011, with a team of passionate people based in Strasbourg and Lyon, Mokxa works today in France and in Europe, with coffee shops, restaurants and hotels. The team of Café Mokxa brings a particular requirement to the selection of the beans with our importers or directly with the producers. All the coffees, 100% Arabica, are from sustainable or organic farming. Because coffee is an agricultural product, which is defined by climate, soil type, shade, botanical variety and altitude, their range varies throughout the year according to seasonality. Café Mokxa only works with local coffees, from current harvests, and having received a tasting score higher than 84/100.