This DeLonghi DLSC002 water filter cartridge is made for your DeLonghi coffee machine (automatic and some manual ones). Maintain your machine and enhance the flavour of your coffee with this filter. It will filter out all the impurities in the water.


cartouche filtrante delonghi DLSC002

Official DeLonghi DLSC002 water filter cartridge

Water Filter cartridge for purer water

This cartridge is the Official product DLSC002 from the Italian brand DeLonghi.

Using this DeLonghi water filter allows you to extend the life of your coffee machine. It filters out limescale in the pipes and makes the water you consume purer. The filter cartridge makes it possible to improve the taste of your water, and therefore drinks that you create with your machine. Take full advantage of the taste of your drinks, without any alteration.

This cartridge will allow you to filter up to 50 liters of water. Before first use, rinse the cartridge under 0.5L of water. It is recommended to change the cartridge approximately every two months for more efficiency.

Compatibility with DeLonghi Coffee Machines

  • Bean-to-cup machines ECAM, ETAM and EPAM (not ESAM)
  • Manual Espresso machines EC9335, EC680, EC685, EC 695, EC 795 et EC860
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The Italian DeLonghi group has unique expertise in the electrical appliance market. Espresso and bean-to-cup coffee machine giant Delonghi (world number 1) offers a full range of coffee makers and dedicated cleaning products.

DeLonghi Water Filter DLSC002
Type of cleaning product Filtration
Machine type Bean-to-Cup coffee machine, Espresso machine
EAN : 8004399327252