Brita Intenza Water Filter for Saeco and Philips

Brand :    Saeco
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Brita Intenza Water Filter Cartridge for Saeco and Philips Espresso Machines (CA6702/00) for cleaner water and better espressos! 1 x Water Filter Cartridge.


The innovative BRITA INTENZA+ water filter cartridge has been specially developed to protect your valuable Philips Saeco espresso machine against limescale. It filters the water, intensifying the aroma and pure taste of your coffee. Water is a crucial ingredient of every espresso - so for optimum taste, it's always best to filter it professionally.

Compatible with : A modo mio Lavazza, Exprelia,Incanto Base /de luxe, Intellia, Nina manual, Odea, Poemia manual, Primea, Royal Old & 2011, Syntia (all), Talea (all), Xeasy 2011, Xelsis, Xsmall, Gaggia Accademia, Gaggia Unica, Gaggia Platinum, Gaggia Brera, My Coffee Spidem.

  • EAN 8015925802426

Compatible with Gaggia coffee machines and Saeco coffee machines:

Exprelia, Intelia, Lavazza a modo mio, Magic new version, Nina, Odea, Poemia, Primea, Royal One Touch Cappuccino, (model 2011), Royal Professional / Cappuccino, Royal Gran Crema, Synthia, Talea, Xelsis, Xsmall, Intuita, Minuto...

Compatible with Philips series 2000 , 3000, and 4000 :

HD8858/01 (bought before December 2015)
HD8859/01 (bought before December 2015)
HD8911/01 (bought before December 2015)
HD8911/21 (bought before December 2015)
HD8914/01 (bought before June 2016)
HD8917/01 (bought before December 2015)
HD8924/01 (bought before December 2015)
HD8927/01 (bought before December 2015)
HD8975/01 (bought before December 2015)
HD8977/01 (bought before December 2015)
HD8922/01 (bought before December 2015)
HD8925/01 (bought before October 2016)
Finally, they are also compatible with Saeco Professionelles coffee machines such as Lirika.


Founded in 1981 in Italy, Saeco is the inventor of fully automatic coffee machines with integrated grinder. It is one of the market leaders for quality, well-designed bean-to-cup machines.

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