This pack of 4 Jura Claris Pro Blue 200L water filter cartridges will remove limescale and impurities from your water. This guarantees a taste-free coffee and extends the life of your Jura machine.Compatible with Impressa XJ, GIGA X7 and GIGA X machines.

4x Claris Pro Blue 200L Water Filter Cartridges - JURA

The CLARIS Pro Blue water filter allows you to have permanently filtered and healthy water for your coffee or tea. It is placed directly in the water tank, thus providing water with an ideal neutral pH for delicious and flavorful coffee.

The 3 valuable advantages of purchasing this cartridge:

  • Ensures that the water for your coffee is freshly filtered before each use.
  • The fresh water and its authentic flavors will generously delight your palate.
  • You protect your machine throughout its entire lifespan (no more descaling required).

The cartridge can filter up to 200L compared to 50L for the standard cartridge!

This set is compatible with the Impressa XJ, GIGA X7, and GIGA X models.



The JURA automatic coffee machines create an exceptional cup of coffee in just a few seconds. The key technologies used in the manufacture of the Jura Impressa and ENA automatic coffee machine ranges have made the brand a global success: Tempered steel conical grinder burrs, a patented brew unit, ease of maintenance - these are not optional extras, but rather standard features of their products!