With the Besttaste 10 water filter by BWT Water+More, you can drink purified water without unwanted residues and odours. Enjoy water with a great taste.


BWT Water+More Besttaste 10 Water Filter

Benefits of the Besttaste 10 water filter


This filter features an activated carbon filter system with integrated high-performance pre-filtration. It removes solids as well as chlorine residues in the water. The water taste is improved and unpleasant odours are eliminated.

Besttaste technology is ideal for tap water with a high concentration of solids. This filter is recommended for gastronomy and all activities requiring high water use.

Installation is extremely simple as the Besthead head is universal. It is easily changed and installed either vertically or horizontally.

Filter specifications

This model has a water filtration capacity of 10,000 L

Inlet pressure: 2 - 8 bar

It treats water between 4 and 30°C.

Dimensions :

  • Total height: 290 mm
  • Connection height: 226 mm
  • Filter diameter: 88 mm
  • width: 130 mm


This water filter model is available in two other versions, one of which filters up to 40,000 L and another up to 60,000 L.

 NB: filter head sold separately.

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Water & More

Water & More

Founded in 2005 and based in Wiesbaden, Germany, Water & More is a wholly owned subsidiary of the BWTGroup. Thanks to the exceptional quality and consistency of their water, the company is the preferred partner for those in the catering, hotel and drink vending sectors.