This herbal tea from the Berger de l'Herboristerie d'Orgeval by Dammann, offers you all the benefits of plants in a cup. This herbal tea is a mixture of lime, verbena, mint and orange blossom. Packaging: hermetic bag of 100g loose leaf.

Main Characteristics:

Type of tea
Type Flavoured
aromesLinden / Mint
Origine Blend
brewing guide
Temps 5 min
Tempeature 100°C
Temps Day / Evening


Tisane du Berger - Herboristerie d'Orgeval - Dammann Frères

This herbal tea is a blend of linden, verbena, mint and orange blossom. You will find all the benefit of the plants in a cup.
Herbaceous plants or efflorescences, herbal teas have been appreciated and enjoyed since antiquity. In addition to the great care taken in their selection, Dammann Frères brings its know-how as a blender and flavourist to mix, assemble and exacerbate multiple flavours into original and tasty new blends.


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Dammann Frères

Dammann Frères

Dammann Frères is faithful to the values and traditions of the world's leading tea-producing countries. Selecting, importing, tasting, storing, transporting, inventing...
The Dammann Frères connoisseurs work tirelessly to offer you the finest of blends and the subtlest of flavours.
Striving for perfection with the sole objective of providing satisfaction and pleasure to tea lovers everywhere.

Dammann Frères Tisane du Berger Loose leaf Infusion - 100g
Organic Non-organic
Type of tea Infusion/Herbal Tea
Features Flavoured Teas/Infusions
Dominant notes Floral/Grassy
Flavours Mint, Verbena
Infusion time 5 min
Advised infusion temperature 100 °C
EAN : 3700809377668