This TIGHTVAC container is ideal to store your coffee or loose leaf tea. The Coffeevac unique patented vacuum closure system with a 2 way valve allows carbon dioxide from the coffee beans to slowly escape, without letting oxygen in. Maximum freshness guaranteed! Just press the button to shut the lid and let the air out. 400g / 1.3L capacity. BPA-free.

This Tightvac container with Coffeevac system can also be used for other dry or even wet foods.

You can put this container in your cupboard or even in your fridge (to store cheese for example). 

Handwash only.




TightVac's story began in 2000, when the creators asked themselves a question: "Has anyone ever come across a cool food container?". Soon after, they came up with the idea of creating an airtight food storage container that would close by just pressing a button. Tightvac was born.

Tightvac Coffeevac vacuum-sealed black food container - 400g capacity
Diameter 100 mm
Dominant colour(s) Black
Material Plastic
Capacity 400 g
Capacity 1.3 L
Airtight capacity 100% leak proof
Specificities Airtight
Size (x H) x 200
EAN : 810030080602