Porcelain cup with wavy silicone band 18cl - Light Grey - Les Artistes Paris

  • Capacity: 18 cl
  • Materials: Porcelain and Silicone
  • Beverage: Espresso
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Coffee cup in white porcelain of 18cl with a light grey wavy silicone band from the brand Les Artistes Paris. An aesthetic and original collection that will literally make you fall in love... a favourite of theMaxiTeam! 

Porcelain cup with wavy silicone band 18cl - Light Grey - Les Artistes Paris


Main caracteristics:

TYPE of beverage
Type de boisson  Cappuccino
Capacité  18 cl
Matériaux  Porcelain
Paroi  Silicone Band
Anses  No handle
Forme  Flat bottom


tasses à café porcelaine 18cl les artistes paris

Good quality porcelain with a temperature range of -25°C to +300°C.    Ideal for keeping your espresso or long coffee hot. Can be used in the microwave.   The silicone band will prevent you from burning your fingers. 


tasses à café ondulées porcelaine les artistes paris


The porcelain of the cups has a non-porous enamel thanks to its firing at 1400°C.   Does not absorb tastes or odours for maximum food hygiene!    Total absence of lead and cadmium (toxic metal often used in porcelain).

You can use your coffee cups in a glass jar to impress your guests! 

Discover the whole range of Les Artistes Paris coffee cups.


Les Artistes Paris

Les Artistes Paris

Les Artistes Paris developed the "Cosmefood" concept, designed for culinary cosmetic artists everywhere. Their porcelain cups are proof: innovative, practical and cleverly designed for the culinary world!

Les Artistes Paris have developed an attractive and original collection of products, including petits suisse / yogurt-style porcelain pots, porcelain camembert/reblochon cheese covers and even cube-shaped mortar bowls for grinding spices... Stylish products to brighten up meal times!

Porcelain cup with wavy silicone band 18cl - Light Grey - Les Artistes Paris
Perfect for Espresso/Ristretto , Tea/Herbal Tea
Main material Porcelain
Capacity Multiple sizes
Diameter (at the bottom) 48 mm
Diameter (at the top) 80 mm
Features With silicone band
Washing Dishwasher
Size (x H) x 83
EAN : 3760185309134