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Superkop Espresso Maker - Red (500g Coffee Beans + Espresso Glasses Included)

  • 500g coffee beans + 2 espresso glasses included!
  • Lever-operated espresso machine
  • 58 mm extraction unit
  • Moulded aluminium body and wooden base
  • Low maintenance and very robust
Free gift included
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Discover the Red SUPERKOP, a single-lever espresso machine that's easy to use and made from durable, robust materials. A modern, elegant design for the perfect espresso. Operates without electricity. Red model. 2-year guarantee.
SUPERKOP Red Espresso Machine

SUPERKOP Red Lever Espresso Machine

A Durable and Non-Electric Coffee Machine

The Superkop is an innovative manual espresso machine that operates without electricity.

It requires hot water (from your tap or kettle), freshly ground coffee beans, and a little elbow grease to operate the lever.

The Superkop lever machine is elegant and modern, featuring a sleek design and sturdy materials. Moreover, it can be wall-mounted with a special wall mount (sold separately).

The body of the Superkop is made of cast aluminum, while the internal mechanism and moving parts (portafilter and filter) are stainless steel.

The water reservoir is made of food-grade polycarbonate and can hold up to 60 ml.

The wooden base adds a warm touch and provides stability on your countertop.

The Superkop espresso machine is built to last: each part serves a purpose, nothing is obsolete, and if necessary, the user can repair the machine.

With its 58mm portafilter and user-friendly mechanism, the Superkop allows you to quickly brew high-quality espresso.

SUPERKOP Espresso Machine

Using the Red SUPERKOP Lever Machine

The mechanism of the Superkop espresso machine is unique.

It employs a 1:40 lever action mechanism that applies increasing pressure through a series of six lever actions.

For a double espresso (or two singles), the manufacturer recommends using 18g of ground coffee, 60ml of water heated to 95°C, and an extraction time of 25 to 30 seconds.

- Fill your portafilter with ground coffee (do not overfill, or the water reservoir won't secure over it for extraction).

- Level the ground coffee and tamp it firmly and evenly, but not too hard.

- Secure the water reservoir onto the portafilter. Push it gently until you hear a slight click.

- Pour hot water into the reservoir up to the second marking (60ml). The ideal temperature for espresso is ±95°C.

- Secure the portafilter with reservoir into the Superkop machine (with the lever raised). To start extraction, lower the lever six times. Complete extraction should take between 25 and 30 seconds. The right rhythm is crucial for achieving the ideal extraction. Don't go too fast.

- When your extraction is complete, release the piston by pushing the lever upwards and remove the portafilter (with the reservoir on top).

Of course, you can experiment with your Superkop to make different coffee drinks: lattes, Americanos, flat whites, affogatos, espresso martinis, and more.

A milk frother will be the perfect accessory for making milk-based drinks.

SUPERKOP Red Lever Espresso Machine

SUPERKOP: Accessories and Maintenance

The Superkop lever espresso machine must be placed on its base. All the tools are provided, and assembly is straightforward.

In the box, you will also find a double-spout portafilter, a single-filter for two cups, and the water reservoir.

The Superkop comes with a certificate of authenticity, and the machine features an engraved identification plate.

We recommend getting a grinder distribution tool and a tamper.

For maintenance, clean the portafilter, the water drip tray, and the drip tray grid with hot water. Dry before use.

Clean the water reservoir with hot water and dry it with a soft cloth. Do not disassemble the bottom, and do not put this reservoir in the dishwasher.

Discover the range of SUPERKOP products at MaxiCoffee.

What We Think:

We Like
We Like:
  • Very robust construction.
  • Simple and quick to handle.
  • The machine's appearance.
  • The results in the cup.
  • If you want to mount the Superkop on a wall in your coffee corner, you'll need to purchase the wall kit.
Gaelle Expert Maxicoffee

Expert's Opinion:

I had read many articles about the Superkop lever machine and couldn't wait to try it out. 

I wasn't disappointed: assembly is simple, everything is well explained. In ten minutes, the Superkop took its place on my countertop. And all the colleagues who came to see it in the test room were drawn to the design and the desire to try making an espresso! 

I didn't take long to master it because everything is straightforward and intuitive. No need to wait for the machine to heat up. You can use hot tap water, but I prefer to use a kettle and manage the temperature according to my coffee's roast (forgive my geeky side!). 

The manufacturer says you can use pre-ground coffee. Once again, I recommend freshly ground beans for a better cup. It also allows you to play with the doses and grind settings.

My first mistake: putting too much coffee in the filter. If you do, you'll quickly realize it because the reservoir won't secure on the portafilter. Once everything is ready, with the reservoir filled with hot water and the portafilter securely attached to the machine, it's your turn to play! 

Extraction with the Superkop is very intuitive. With the right grind, properly dosed and tamped, the lever action is a breeze. You'll feel the pressure increasing with each lever action. After six lever actions, you'll have a good espresso with a nice crema. 

The mechanical action and the unique internal system of the Superkop provide a real sense of satisfaction. It's hard to stop once you've started playing with it! 

The Superkop should last you for years and years; it's a great investment if you're looking for a unique, durable espresso machine with minimal maintenance.
Superkop Espresso Maker - Red (500g Coffee Beans + Espresso Glasses Included)
Compatible with Freshly ground coffee
Advised grinder Espresso grinder advised
Body material Aluminium
Dominant colour(s) Red
Size (W x Dx H) 31 x 28 x 47 mm
Weight 10 Kg
Diameter of extraction group 58 mm
Water tank capacity 0.6 Litre(s)
Type of heater None (manual)
Type of filters supplied Simple filter 2 cups
EAN : 7423453876863
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ROK EspressoGC Explorer Edition Manual Espresso Maker
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  • Special edition with various accessories
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  • In stock, dispatched within 48h