The Flair 58X is the non-electric model of the Flair 58. If you are a nomad Flair lover but do not want to embarass yourself with cables, the Flair 58X will be perfect for you!  This Flair 58X offers the first 58 mm  Flair portafilter for better extractions. More robust with its reinforced frame and wider base, you will enjoy more comfort and a better leverage thanks to its new lever design.  2-year warranty.

Flair Espresso - Flair 58X non-electric

Included: Cafés Lugat Seasonal Coffee Beans - 250g + Set of 2 Double Walled Pylano Cups

Professional Grade 58mm Barista Portafilter

Flair 58x is a fully-manual, non-electric version of the Flair 58. The Flair 58x is a professional grade lever espresso press that is focused on maximizing the workflow and the espresso from at-home extractions. The Flair 58x features Flair’s first industry standard 58mm bottomless portafilter as well as a more robust frame and lever for ease of extractions at higher pressures.

As this version is completely non-electric, customers can preheat and engage in thermal management using one of our two included preheat caps: open or closed.

Enjoy a wooden handle for advanced ergonomics and use any standard 58mm portafilter basket, tamping & distribution tools!

The low-flow 18 gram basket is perfect to any home brewer’s kit, and allows for a dose range between 16-22 grams.

This low-flow basket, when compared to the standard straight-walled basket of the Flair 58x, allows for an easier dial-in process by allowing a grind that is coarser for proper extractions, thereby increasing the overall compatibility with a range of grinders. The high-flow basket will require a grind that more closely mimic’s a commercial machine.

A Robust Pressure Gauge

The amount of pressure involved in the making of an espresso can be hard to determine with a manual espresso machine but the
Flair 58X offers a manual process and integrated pressure gauge for precise brew variable control! Thus, you can adapt your mouvement as you apply pressure on the handle to stabilise it around 6 to 9 bars. 

This pressure gauge is made of stainless steel for a better protection and durability.


For More Leverage and Better Comfort 

Thanks to its reinforced frame, longer arm, wider base and new T-handle, the Flair 58X provides more leverage, comfort and control at higher pressures. The Flair 58X group design is also the first in the product line to have a lever that can be re-lifted after extraction without creating suction upwards, allowing faster shots one after the other.

Flair 58X

The Flair 58X Includes:

Flair 58 Base    
Flair 58 Lever Assembly    
Flair 58 Brew Head    
Flair 58 Pressure Gauge with Stainless Steel Stem    
58 mm Portafilter and 16-20 gram basket    
 58.5mm Puck Screen
58 mm Tamper    
Flair 58 Preheat Cap    
Flair 58 Drip Tray

Flair Espresso

Flair Espresso

As original as they are robust, Flair Espresso products appeal to the world by the quality of extraction they manage to produce. Any espresso enthusiast will be nicely surprised by this brand!

Flair Espresso Flair 58X non-electric
Advised grinder Semi-professional grinder advised
Dominant colour(s) Black
Dimensions (WxDxH) 190 x 355 x 290 mm
Weight 3.6 Kg
Filter-holder(s) supplied Stainless steel - Bottomless
Diameter of extraction group 58 mm
Type of heater None
Type of filters supplied Simple filter 2 cups
Manometer Pressure for the group head
EAN : 860006241230