Do you like well-balanced coffees with hints of hazelnut? Then this is the coffee for you. These Starbucks Colombia pods are Nespresso® compatible and made of aluminium.

Main Features of Starbucks Coffee:

Intensity Balanced Coffee
Appellation  Single Origin
Variety100% Arabica
Roast Type
Country of Roast


108 Nespresso® Compatible Pods - Colombia - Starbucks


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Enjoy Starbucks Coffee with Roasted Notes

Starbucks offers these Colombia coffee capsules in a box of 18 capsules. They are made of aluminum for easy recycling.

These capsules are Nespresso® compatible. This pack contains 6 boxes of 18 coffee capsules 100% Arabica Single Origin from Colombia.

The beans underwent a dark roasting and reveal in the cup nutty and flavorful notes. This coffee is recommended in the morning or in the afternoon.

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The Starbucks adventure began in the 70s in Seattle, with 2 main ideas: to celebrate coffee and its rich tradition and promote human relationships. The CoffeeShop spirit was born! This winning recipe has enabled the opening of 30,000 outlets worldwide since the beginning. A real success that continues, as Starbucks turns to a new venture with a range of coffee pods, coffee beans and ground coffee.

Starbucks Colombia Nespresso® Compatible Pods x 108
Capsule materials Aluminium
EAN : 7613287414298