Perleo Espresso Coffee Beans Cremoso - 250g

  • 50% Arabica / 50% Robusta
  • For a Strong Espresso
  • Italian-Style Roast
  • 250g Coffee Beans
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More about Perleo Espresso coffee beans :

Discover Perleo Espresso Cremoso, a blend of Arabica and Robusta. An intense combination of aromas that have contributed to the success of this "Italian-style roast" coffee. With flavours of hazelnut, roasted almond and peanut butter, this coffee bean has a floral and spicy edge. Packaging: 250g pack.

Key Facts

  • Variety
    Arabica & Robusta
  • Designation
  • Roasting
    France (National Brands)

Roast Type - Dark

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  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
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  • 9
  • 10
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Aromatic group -  Woody

Dominant note
Rich & Sweet
Secondary note
Rich & Sweet
Tasting notes :
  • Cocoa
  • Molasse
  • Beech wood
N.B.: This is not a flavored coffee but notes noted during tasting
Red Berries Fermented Spices Woody Herb-like Floral Rich & sweet Citrus
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Aromatic Groups

Traditional Coffee -  Classic 

Score < 80

Traditional Coffee : These are the most widespread coffees in the various distribution channels in France, both private and professional.

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Classic Coffee :  These are coffees that are generally composed of more than 20% Robusta and for which there is a lack of information on traceability. They are often mass-market products, easily accessible.

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Roasted at MaxiCoffee
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Enjoy the result of high quality coffee beans in your cup, freshly roasted at MaxiCoffee.

  • We Source Our Coffee
    At MaxiCoffee, we carefully select all our coffees to offer you the best of each harvest. We take great care in storing and preserving our coffees to ensure that you enjoy a perfect cup of coffee all year round.
  • A Constant Quality
    Every day, our roasters taste all the coffees we roast to ensure that the cup we offer you is always of the highest quality.
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Discover Perléo Espresso Cremoso Coffee Beans - 250g

Cremoso Coffee Beans Perleo Espresso

An Italian-Style Arabica/Robusta Blend

Cremoso's 250g pack size makes it easy to get to grips with and determine whether it matches your expectations and coffee habits.

If you're a fan of strong espressos, chances are Cremoso will be your coffee of choice.

With its blend of Arabica and Robusta, it guarantees an intense taste experience similar to that experienced in Italy, the only difference being that Cremoso is roasted in France.

When it comes to tasting, simply expect your coffee moment to take on an Italian touch.

The power of the cup, created by the Italian-style roast and the presence of robusta, is used to enhance the aromas of the arabica. Hints of hazelnut and toasted almond are found in the coffee's lingering finish, along with notes of peanut butter.
Perleo Espresso

Perleo Espresso

Perleo Espresso offers Italian-style roasted coffees for all lovers of intense aromas. Their coffee beans are selected for the richness of their aromatic potential and for the care the producers show to their crops. The green coffee beans are then entrusted to Perleo Espresso master roasters in Italy who work with delicacy and precision, following traditional methods. Perleo Espresso is above all a story of passionate women and men.

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