Illy ESE pods Espresso Decaffeinated Coffee x 18 coffee pods

  • 100% Arabica
  • 1 box of 18 ESE pods
  • Decaffeinated with solvent
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Discover these delicious Illy decaffeinated ESE pods with less than 0.05% caffeine. The box contains 18 individually-wrapped pods. Only for machines compatible with ESE pods. 


Decaffeinated ESE pods by Illy

This decaffeinated Illy ESE pods contains less than 0.005% of caffeine but remains as balanced and intense as usual. A perfect tasty decaf coffee.

Intensite Balanced coffee
Appellation  Blend
Type of coffee
Variete  100 % Arabica 
Type de torrefaction
Country of roast
Pays de torrefaction   Italie



Which decaffeination method is used by ILLY?

Illy uses a solvent (dichlorometane) for the decaffeination process before roasting. Very volatile, the solvent is eliminated quickly and using it before roasting ensures that no trace is found in Illy decaffeinated coffees.

Naturally with a very low level of caffeine (1.5%), Illy decaffeinated coffees contain the lowest level of caffeine on the market (0.05%). For information, the legal standard for a decaffeinated coffee is 0.1%.


Irreproachable freshness

Illy ensures an impeccable freshness , in order to offer a the best coffee possible. This is why each pod is individually wrapped to keep all its freshness. This allows you to enjoy a fresh coffee full of flavours .

This type of packaging is particularly suitable for an irregular consumption.


The right quantity

The ESE (Easy Serving Expresso) pod is the assurance of a precise coffee quantity (7 grams of coffee). These pods can only be used in an espresso machine compatible with ESE pods .


Enjoy a perfect espresso

Fast and simple, the ESE pod system combined with the unique Illy blend make the Illy ESE pod definitely perfect to enjoy a unique espresso made in accordance with the standards.



Illy Caffè was founded in Trieste, by Francesco Illy, in 1933. Today, the company is in its third generation of family ownership.

Illy makes no secret of its love for coffee and is the proud holder of 4 quality certifications and 1 sustainability certification. It also owns 4 specialised laboratories and has been the driving force behind 4 major innovations, the fruit of Illy's commitment to research.

Illy ESE pods Espresso Decaffeinated Coffee x 18 coffee pods
Type of drinks Decaffeinated
EAN : 8003753130453
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