Pellini Top offers an outstanding, naturally velvety coffee experience, boasting a reduced caffeine content. It comes in two boxes, each containing 18 ESE pods, and is proudly crafted in Italy.

Main Characteristics of PELLINI Coffee Beans Gran Aroma x36:

Intensite Mild Coffee
Appellation   Blend
Variete 100% Arabica
Type de torrefaction
roasted in
Pays de torrefaction   Italy


Enjoying a superb cup of low-caffeine coffee is easily achievable with Pellini TOP. This exceptional and exclusive blend is crafted from 100% pure Arabica beans meticulously chosen from prime plantations known for their unwavering quality. Pellini TOP boasts a smooth, gentle flavor profile with a subtle taste, allowing you to savor it without the need for added sugar.

These coffee pods are low in caffeine, thanks to the exclusive use of pure Arabica beans, the most sought-after coffee plant variety, resulting in an average caffeine content of just 1.3%. Now, you can indulge in multiple cups throughout the day without any worries.

Discover these coffee pods, promising a consistently delightful taste experience. Pellini Top stands in solidarity with coffee enthusiasts, employing a rigorous Panel Test to ensure that quality and flavor always remain top-notch.


Pellini is a famous brand of coffee from Verona (Italy). Marco Pellini, coffee master roaster, focuses on the quality and excellence of coffee, rather than quantity.

The Pellini brand was rewarded at the first edition of the International Coffee Tasting Awards . Double gold medal in the "Espresso" and "Moka" categories.